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Cabe Rawit Apk is a VPN provider which helps you use banned websites.

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Name Cabe Rawit
Package Name com.butovpn.caberawithot
Category Tools  
Version 2.6
Size 18.1 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated April 30, 2023

Sometimes apps and websites are blocked because they don’t follow a country’s rules. If you’re from Indonesia or Malaysia, and your favorite sites aren’t working in your area, Cabe Rawit Apk can help. It is a VPN app with its own downloader and search engine that lets you find and watch banned websites in your country.

What is Cabe Rawit Apk?

Cabe Rawit App, developed by Natasha Borodaeva, is a VPN application for android devices. This app is specially made for Indonesian users. Many regular and popular websites have been banned from Indonesia for not following the rules. Now users can download Cabe Rawit App on their device and choose their country of VPN to change their IP Address virtually. This will help them to open banned websites.

Cabe Rawit Apk

To start VPN, just click on the switch on button in this app. When you start the VPN, it will automatically choose the best VPN region. You can separately choose the country of your VPN. There are 15+ countries, from Europe, Australia, and Africa to all other major countries, and VPNs are available.

Key Features of the Cabe Rawit App:

Cabe Rawit App is a small and easy-to-use application specially made for android users in Indonesia. This app lets you upload and download quicker than other VPN apps. Learn more about the features of the Cabe Rawit App below:

 Cabe Rawit App

  • Free VPN: Cabe Rawit Apk provides free premium VPN with the best services. The VPN connection is strong, and you can access all websites with the help of this app. Some location VPNs are weaker and hard to join and sometimes due to high traffic, but that is a rare case scenario.
  • 15+ Countries: You can choose the location of your VPN to USA(West), USA(East), UK, Germany, Japan, India, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, France and much more. You can either select location separately or let the App choose automatically.
  • Fast Downloads: Most VPNs make browsing slow, and downloading is impossible. Cabe Rawit Apk is the first app that focuses on downloading speed and helps users to download and upload any file at its normal pace.
  • Fast Browsing: Whichever browser you use, the speed will always be quick. This app also allows you to provide all banned websites without losing their loading speed. Before testing the browsing speed, do check the network connection to get a better experience.
  • Download and Upload files: If you want to download any file, folder, App, music, Videos, etc., from the banned website, you can use Cabe Rawit App. Just copy the URL  link of the video and paste it into Cabe Rawit Apk. Then click on the download option. For the upload option, also you have to follow a similar procedure.
  • Night Mode: If you are using the device at night or want to change the theme into dark light to protect your eyes, then you can go to settings and choose night mode.
  • Safe Search: Your data will always be safe with Cabe Rawit App. This app is 100% secure and doesn’t save any internal data.


Cabe Rawit is the app which lets you access banned websites and apps. You can also upload and download from those websites with the help of this app. Just copy and paste the link from those banned websites, and Cabe Rawit will help you download the content quickly. Download Cabe Rawit Apk from LatestModAPKs and get access to all restricted websites in your country.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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