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Camp With Mom Apk is a simulation game with an adult theme and an engaging storyline.

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Name Camp With Mom
Package Name com.blockpuzzle.slide
Category Role Playing  
Version 1.3.8
Size 385.5 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated April 13, 2024

Camp With Mom Apk is a simulation game with an erotic storyline. You can choose this game’s action and story, which changes with each pick. The graphics of this game are in 2d, which resembles anime. The storyline consists of 3 major characters: Mother, Son and his friend. As you progress, other characters, such as the father and filler characters, will come into the story.

Camp With Mom Apk

There are various chapters in this game through which you will go in this game. In the beginning, a mother and her son, with the son’s best friend, planned to visit the forest. They are there together to spend their winter holidays. You can help them make their camp and tents and move camping items with trucks. You can also find food and buy it from the stores in-game to satiate your hunger.

Camp With Mom Apk

There are no ads in this game which makes the whole gameplay smooth. You can also find some mini-puzzle games which will trick your brain. This game also has some adult graphics in some chapters. You can micromanage each task to help your family build a camp. You can add more characters, such as the father and the sister, to the game by choosing the proper options.

Key Features of Camp With Mom Apk:

Camp With Mom App, developed by Ntrman is a simulation and roleplaying game. You can spend the winter at camp with your mother and complete mini-games. Learn more about the features of Camp With Mom Apk in detail:

Camp With Mom Apk

  • HD Graphics: The graphics of this game might be in 2d, but it is in higher quality. All characters will be lively with amazing characters and background animation.
  • Realistic Voice Acting: The voice sound is from real voice actors, making the storyline engaging and entertaining. You can feel each event, background and character with a unique voice.
  • Engaging Storyline: The story in Camp With Mom has three main characters named Souma, Kengo and Kyouko. Souma is the son, and Kyouko is the mother. Kengo is the irritating friend who wants to be friends with Souma’s Mom.
  • Different Household activities: You can perform basic activities like bringing and cooking food, making a tent, helping with firewood, and much more to create a memorable camp.
  • Mini Missions: There are various mini-missions where you have to solve puzzle-based questions to win the game. Some missions are based on logic, while others can decide the story’s outcome in this game.
  • Drive Camper Truck: You can learn and teach others to drive a camper truck in this game. To move your camper from one place to other, you need to know how to drive the camper truck, which will impress other characters.
  • Easy Controls: You can fast-forward the story and mission easily in this game from controls. The UI is so attractive, and the controls are easy to understand.
  • No Ads: This game has no ads and is free of cost. There are also no in-app purchases, as all aspects are free to play.


Camp With Mom Apk is a simulation game where you can simultaneously play the role of a friend, mother and son as the story progresses. You can choose from the options to change the story and make it spicy. It contains erotic scenes, too; that is why only 18+ gamers should play this game. Download the Camp With Mom Apk app and spend a winter camp with virtual characters.

Reviewed by: Laila Karbalai

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Wrong Game

Yaoi game instead

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С этой игрой я познал мир анального искусства

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