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Now install All the Google Mobile service (GMS) apps on non-supported smartphones using Google Installer Apk.

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November 16, 2022


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If we look at the world today, the pace of its development is breakneck; many things have played a significant role in it. One of them is the expansion of technology, which has made the unthinkable possibilities of progress come true. So today, you will find technology gadgets around you wherever you look. Before installing the Google Installer app, let’s know a little about the Android platform.

What is Google Android?

Smartphone devices have played a vital role in the expansion of technology. Today wherever you go in the world, you will find smartphones everywhere. This has been possible due to the tireless efforts of a company named Google. Google Android has created an enormous market by aggregating all the big companies through its Android platform, including well-known companies like Samsung, LG, and Asus.

Google Android has created an environment for mobile devices, also known as Google Mobile Services (GMS), in which all the apps provided by Google are essential in your daily life. These apps, like Google Dialer, Google Messages, Google Maps, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, and Google Play Store, require Google Play service to run.

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Only those companies certified by Google are allowed to run these services, but recently Chinese phone makers have spread their feet in the global market very fast, due to which their hold has increased even more within this market. However, these Chinese smartphone companies have not adopted the Google play service in their country, which has become a bit difficult for Google apps to run on these smartphones.

Google Android is an open platform-based system that any company can use this software. However, Google has now restricted the In-App purchase and paid apps. Therefore you cannot use this service on Chinese phones.

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About Google Installer App

Google Play installer Apk is created by Eric Xiang. It is an Apk file; with the help of this app, you can easily use Google service on your device. Google Installer Apk was needed because Google Android has banned all its benefits for Chinese phones after some policies in China and the USA accused Chinese companies of being involved in spy activity, including big names of smartphone devices like Huawei.

Within the app, you can now efficiently run Google apps inside Chinese phones like Xiaomi, including Google Play Store.

Features Of Google Installer

Compatible with Chinese Devices

The Google Installer app is primarily design for Chinese devices not supporting Google services, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Doogee, and many more Chinese smartphones.

Google Installer

No Root Required

There is no need of root in your device to run the Google Installer app. The Google Installer app is not a process to install any Gapps file. You can run all Google apps on your device by installing the app directly.

Google Installer

Google Services App Support

With the help of Google Service Installer, you can now run all Google apps on your device. Including leading apps like Google Calendar, Google Play Store, Google Contacts, and Google Accounts Sync.

How Google Installer Apk Works

The Google Installer app created by Eric. After being installed on your device, makes direct contact with Google’s servers and tries to install all the updated Google apps on your device.

The Google Installer Apk app is also needed because Chinese companies manufacture most Android devices worldwide. These companies keep Google services disabled in their country, due to which problems arise for people using these devices outside.

Final Words

The Google Installer app is specially design for those Xiaomi devices that run inside China.  And the devices where Google (GMS) is unavailable. You can use to download more similar apps. You can contact us in the comment box below if you are facing any app-related problems.

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