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Citampi Stories is a simulation game where you can do different jobs and businesses.

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Citampi Stories

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December 14, 2022


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Citampi Stories Mod Apk is a simulation and Roleplaying game which an amazing story. Here you can find many characters with whom you can make relationships, marry and have kids. There are seven main characters besides the main hero. You can do many quirky jobs to start with zero and become a rich person in the game by upgrading yourself. In the mod app of Citampi Stories, you will get unlimited Gems and Money to upgrade your character quicker.

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

The storyline settings are based on real life. All characters and backgrounds perfectly mimic local Indonesian cultures. The name of the characters is also realistic. In this simulation, you can talk with the seven beautiful female characters and make them your wife. There is a perfect day and night simulation change with different seasons. You can also do fishing, farming, finding treasure and much more when you’re idle.

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

The graphics of Citampi Stories Mod Apk are in 2D and pixelated. While conversing with anyone in Citampi city, you can get the anime-style character design. This game is about a common man struggling to create good fortune for his wife and kids. You can have kids and team them all skills too. With unlimited Gems and Money, you can easily purchase big businesses around the city to become rich.

Features of Citampi Stories Mod Apk:

Citampi Stories is an RPG game developed by Ikan Asin Production. This game has an amazing storyline where you can marry, have kids and take care of your parents’ debt by doing multiple jobs. To learn more about the amazing features of Citampi Stories Mod Apk, read below:

Multiple Jobs

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

There are tons of jobs available in this game. Some don’t require experience, while some can be done with education, experience and health status. You can start with fishing, scavenging, gardening, crafting and animal care. After you get the money, you can also open your vehicle and clothing shop. You can also pray and exercise in the gym inside Citampi Stories Mod Apk.

Beautiful Characters

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

Usually, you can find female characters in the shops. This game has five main female characters: Sarah, Isma, Nabila, Windy and Jessica. Every character has different likes and dislikes. Before dating them, you must become their friend and impress them with gifts. Once the relationship bar is full, you can propose to them for marriage.

Romantic Storyline

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

The game starts with the huge debts that your parents took, which you have to repay. To pay for those loans, you must start doing jobs. While doing jobs, you will come in contact with many beautiful female characters which whom you can create a new family. You can also purchase homes, restaurants and other businesses in this game.

Modify Your Lifestyle

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

Initially, your character will be poor and helpless. To start the game, you must take a menial job such as scavenging, gardening and fishing. You can grow fruits and vegetables in your garden and sell them in the market. The money you get after selling fish, fruits and vegetables can be used in purchasing other businesses.

Character Stats

Citampi Stories Mod Apk

You can click on each character in this game and find out about their likes, dislikes, birthday, address, jobs, hobbies and much more. A relation bar for every female character in this game grows as you treat them well. Once your relationship status is full, you can marry and have kids with them, too, in this game.

Play Offline

This game can be played online as well as offline. Even while playing online, it does not show popups or 3rd party ads. Even when you play offline, the story is saved automatically so you can resume where you left off.


Citampi Stories Mod Apk is an Indonesian-based simulation game where you have to roleplay as per the story and choose the destination of the main character as the story progresses with real-time decisions. Generally, RPG games doesnt allow much movement and free will in the game but here, you can do anything like cooking, fishing, hunting, purchasing business, sending gifts to impress your wife and much more without any limitations. Download Citampi Stories Mod Apk and grow your business and family.

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