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Citra MMJ Apk is a Nintendo game emulator for android devices.


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Name Citra MMJ
Package Name org.citra.emu
Category Tools  
Version b6b921865
Size 16.6 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated May 21, 2024

Citra MMJ is a highly advanced Nintendo 3DS emulator that provides users with an immersive gaming experience. This emulator is specifically designed to run games on Android devices and offers features that are not available on any other emulator.

Citra MMJ Apk is a must-have app for gaming enthusiasts who love to play classic Nintendo games on their mobile devices. With this emulator, you can enjoy playing games like Super Mario, Pokémon, and other popular Nintendo games on your smartphone or tablet.

Citra MMJ Apk

The emulator offers an intuitive interface and seamless gameplay, making it a perfect choice for gaming on the go. One of the unique features of Citra MMJ is its ability to support 3D graphics. This means you can enjoy playing games in full 3D, providing an even more immersive gaming experience.

The emulator also supports high-definition resolutions, making it possible to play games on larger screens. The emulator also supports a dual-screen display, making it possible to play games in split-screen mode.

Citra MMJ Apk

Another advantage of Citra MMJ Apk is its compatibility with various devices. The emulator is designed to run on Android devices with version 4.3 or higher, making it accessible to many users. The emulator is also compatible with a wide range of games, meaning that you can play almost any Nintendo 3DS game on your mobile device.

Citra MMJ App is a free emulator, making it an excellent choice for gamers to play their favourite Nintendo games. The emulator is regularly updated to fix bugs and enhance performance, ensuring you get the best gaming experience possible. 

Features of Citra MMJ for Android

Citra MMJ Android app is a powerful emulator that lets you play classic Nintendo 3DS games on your mobile device. With this app, you can access all the features of the original console and enjoy playing some of its best titles wherever you go.

Citra MMJ Apk

Citra MMJ comes with advanced graphics settings that allow for realistic visuals and improved performance to bring out even more from these beloved classics. It also has several other useful features, such as save states and cheat code support, so gamers have complete control over their gaming experience!

  • High-resolution rendering – Emulate the actual hardware of a 3DS console to get high-resolution graphics and smooth gameplay.
  • Save states – Quickly save progress at any point, so you can pick up where you left off later.
  • Customizable controls – Remap buttons or adjust sensitivity settings for touch screens easily.
  • Enhancements – Increase game performance by enabling graphical enhancements like anti-aliasing, texture filtering & more!
  • Cheats support – Easily add cheats codes into Citra MMJ without manually entering them each time they are used during playtime.
  • Cross Platform Support – Enjoy playing your favourite games from other platforms such as PlayStation Portable (PSP), Game Boy Advance (GBA) & others too!

Nintendo emulator

Pros and Cons of Citra MMJ:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • High compatibility with most Android games.
  • Offers excellent performance, even on low-end hardware devices.
  • It can be used for free without any ads or in-app purchases.
  • Supports multi-player gaming over local WiFI networks.
  • Allows users to customize graphics settings according to their device’s capabilities.
  • It can be challenging to set up and configure, especially for novice users.
  • Not compatible with all Android games or apps due to hardware limitations of the emulator itself.
  • Performance can vary greatly depending on your device’s capabilities.
  • May not be able to access certain features available in native versions of an app or game (e.g., online multiplayer).

Games in Citra MMJ App:

Citra MMJ Apk is a must-have app for gaming enthusiasts. Whether you are a fan of classic Nintendo games or love playing games on your mobile device, this emulator offers an immersive gaming experience that you will not find anywhere else. Below you can read about the games available in Citra MMJ Emulator:

  1. Pokemon X/Y
  2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
  3. Fire Emblem Awakening
  4. Super Mario 3D Land
  5. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
  6. Mario Kart 7
  7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  8. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
  9. Kid Icarus: Uprising
  10. Resident Evil: Revelations
  11. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
  12. Bravely Default
  13. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies
  14. Harvest Moon 3D: A New Beginning
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.


Citra MMJ APK is an exceptional emulator with many features that make it a must-have app for Android gaming. Its compatibility, high-quality graphics, and easy-to-use interface are just a few reasons why it is popular among gaming enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience, give Citra MMJ App a try today!

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