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Clapper: Video, Live, Chat is an all-in-one video streaming and chatting app.

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Name Clapper
Package Name
Category Entertainment  
Version 10.3.0
Size 203.2 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated September 21, 2023

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Clapper APK for Android is an innovative and revolutionary new app that allows users to connect with each other in a whole new way. With Clapper, you can easily create live video streams or chat rooms where friends from all over the world can join in on conversations without having to be physically present.


The user interface of this application makes it easy for anyone regardless of their technical skill set to instantly start streaming videos or chatting away within seconds! It also features several unique tools such as real-time filters which allow you to add effects while broadcasting your stream making it more visually appealing than ever before.

Additionally, its secure encryption technology ensures that any data shared between two people remains safe and private no matter what type of device they are using – whether iOS or Android-based devices alike!

Features of Clapper for Android

Introducing Clapper – the revolutionary new video, live and chat Android app that brings together all of your favourite social media features into one easy-to-use platform. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, you can easily connect with friends or family members in real time for an unforgettable experience.


Whether it’s a group conversation or just two people talking privately, Clapper makes communication effortless! Plus, users have access to tons of fun filters and effects to make their conversations even more enjoyable. Get ready for a whole new way to stay connected – download Clapper today!

  • Video Recording: Allows users to record videos in high quality.
  • Live Streaming: Users can stream live video and audio from their devices.
  • Chatting Functionality: Includes a chat feature that allows for real-time conversations with other Clapper users.
  • Android App Compatibility: Compatible with all versions of the Android operating system, allowing it to be used on any compatible device.
  • Cloud Storage Integration: Automatically uploads recorded or streamed content into cloud storage so they are accessible anytime anywhere without taking up space on your phone’s memory card.

Pros and Cons of Clapper:

  • Allows users to easily record, view and share videos with friends.
  • Enables live streaming of events or conversations in real time.
  • Supports group video chat for up to 8 people at once.
  • Provides a secure platform that is free from ads and spam messages.
  • Offers an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use even for first-time users.
  • Compatible with multiple Android devices including phones, tablets & TVs.


  • The app does not support all Android devices, so users with unsupported phones cannot use the app.
  • The video and chat features require a good internet connection to work properly which may be an issue for some users in remote areas or those who have limited access to Wi-Fi networks.
  • Users must pay a subscription fee if they want additional features such as more storage space and better quality videos/chats.
  • There is no way of knowing whether other people using the app are genuine or fake profiles created by bots, leading to potential security issues when communicating over Clapper’s platform.

FAQs Regarding Clapper for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs for Clapper Apk! This app is designed to provide users with an easy and convenient way of connecting with friends in real time.

Whether you’re looking for a live video chat or just want to send messages back and forth quickly, this app has all the features you need. In these FAQs we’ll cover everything from downloading the app on your device to setting up chats and more – so let’s get started!


Q: What is Clapper Apk?

A: Clapper Video, Live & Chat is a mobile application that allows users to create and share live-streaming video content with their followers. It also provides an interactive chat feature for real-time conversations between viewers and broadcasters.

The app enables you to broadcast your own videos or watch other people’s streams in high-quality HD resolution from anywhere around the world. You can easily connect with friends on the platform by following them or joining group chats hosted within specific channels of interest such as gaming, fashion, music etc.

Q: How do I get started using Clapper?

A: Getting started on Clapper couldn’t be easier – simply download our free App from our website. Once installed open up the app, and signup either using Facebook account credentials OR using an email address. Follow a few simple steps mentioned during the setup process including setting a profile picture, username; then start exploring contents shared across different categories based upon user interests!


Start broadcasting yourself if you wish so but remember it’s important to follow community guidelines while doing so otherwise, there are chances of getting banned permanently due to violation terms! Most importantly enjoy interacting engagingly with fellow clappers.


Clapper is an amazing app that offers users a great way to communicate with others in real time. The user interface and features are easy to use and understand making it ideal for all ages.

With its ability to create live video chats or group conversations over text messages, this application provides the perfect platform for people who want instant communication without needing other apps like Skype or WhatsApp.

It also has additional features such as recording videos of your chat sessions which can be shared later on social media platforms if desired by the user. This makes Clapper one of the most comprehensive applications available today offering both convenience and fun at no cost!

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