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Cross DJ Pro is a music editor app with advanced features help you edit songs.

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August 7, 2022


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Hey Guys, in this post I will give you Cross DJ pro APK for your phone. OK, who doesn’t love music here? I’m sure everyone in this world love to listen to music and enjoy in their own way. Today I’m here to present you guys an app that is the first of a kind in the Android market which works similar to a professional application for DJ mixing.

Yes, there is an app for it and it is called Cross DJ Pro APK. Many of us don’t know this app and its capabilities of this app. I’ll explain each and every feature this app contains with screenshots. MIXVIBES is a company which is making software since 1999 and are the developers behind Cross DJ Pro App.

Most of the DJ apps are designed for PC’s and are very complicated for a casual user to get in touch with it but, being an android app and still very easy to use the app is Cross DJ Pro. Considering Cross DJ Pro and Cross Dj Free on the same line. We have a set of different features supporting in the pro version of this app( Cross DJ ).

The design of the app is simple and can be easily used and understandable by any user regardless of the experience he/she has with android mobile phones. The controls are pretty awesome, handy and easy to use. Other features provided are also interesting and they sure make the user use the app more and more to mix audios or music of their own interest.

Features Supported by Cross DJ Free

  • Scratch and feel the music you design on the deck with two tables simultaneously.
  • Different panels are available n swiping tabs.loops & hot cues are automatically set to the music beat.
  • A Wide range of customizable pitch range.

  • Optimized for small screens with Large buttons.
  • Crossfader with three modes: normal, autofade, cut.
  • Cross DJ is compatible with AAC, MP3, FLAC etc.

Pro Features Supported by Cross DJ

  • Accurate detection of music, up to the last decimal in the number system.
  • The new sync option will never let the tracks go out of phase. make any track on the deck sync properly.
  • loops & hot cues are automatically set to the music beat.
  • A Wide range of customizable pitch range.
  • Progressive as well as manual pitch bend.
  • Listen to the music tracks we work on before we mix them.
  • Realistic sounds the same as on real tables.
  • Player reacts instantly to the actions you have done on the Deck.
  • Plenty of samples to play with(72 samples). synced to the main player to start mixing.
  • Have an idea of own sample? Then get ready to create them and add to working samples.
  • Share your work on any of the media or social media.
  • Automatically set the levels of tracks base and then auto sync.
  • Supports audio on devices running Marshmallow.

Cross DJ Pro is a professional version of Cross DJ in which we are provided with a number of new and advanced stuff used in mixing your favorite music on the deck.

How to use Cross DJ Pro

  • Download Cross DJ Pro APK from the top of the site.
  • Let me explain this screenshot first to you.
  • We can work on 2 tracks simultaneously in Cross DJ Pro. Press the top left side “+” button to add or browse music from your device. A list of music or audio files will appear. Now select your desired audio file then the file will be automatically loaded into the deck (Left-hand side deck). Now to load audio onto the right-hand side deck you have to follow the same procedure followed when adding a file to the left side deck.
  • Now after adding your favorite music to deck now it’s time to mix it with your creativity. Play the music using the play button which is situated in the middle of two buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you want to sync both songs playing on the deck then you can use a feature called sync which is provided at the bottom of the screen beside the play button.
  • You can also control the tempo of the music on the deck with special dedicated draggable buttons beside the decks.
  • You can control the volume of the decks using a horizontal draggable button placed at the bottom middle of the screen
  • We have a separate equalizer designed for Cross DJ. If you want to use this equalizer then press the button which in the middle of the screen and situated between fx and repeat buttons.
  • There is approximately 16 fx in Cross DJ Pro which is rich in quality and well suite for everything you work on.
  • Ok! All set, now how to record the work you completed on the deck? We can record the music you composed on the deck using an inbuilt recorder and export it to other locations.
  • There is a special feature which adds more creativity to your music. Yes, at the bottom of the equalizer button there is a button which gives us a short menu on both decks you can call these as special sound effects and are pretty good to use and embed in the collection of your music.


As we talked about pros let’s discuss cons. There are some copyright issues within the app and other software apps and they are not a big problem but they are decreasing the reputation of the app. Overall this app (Cross DJ Pro) is good to try app by every music lover to create their own mixings and impress others by those mixes. Thank you for reading this article and supporting us. If you have any issues or doubts about the topic please feel free to get in touch with us through the comments section. Stuck somewhere? No worries, comment down your problem and we will get to you to clear your doubt. Stay tuned at latestmodapks for more cool apps like this.

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