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FastVid is a powerful app for quickly downloading and storing video content on your device.

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Name FastVid
Package Name
Category Tools  
Size 10.6 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated November 24, 2023

What is Fastvid?

Fastvid APK for Android is an innovative video streaming app that allows users to watch their favourite videos in a fast and efficient manner. It offers high-quality, HD content with no buffering or lagging issues. The user interface of the app makes it easy to find what you’re looking for quickly by providing intuitive navigation options such as search bars and categories based on genre, language, country etc.

Additionally, Fastvid also provides access to exclusive live streams from around the world so viewers can stay up-to-date with current events without having to switch between multiple apps or websites.

Furthermore; its advanced features like parental control settings make sure your kids are watching age-appropriate material while using this application safely at home! With all these benefits combined together into one great package – Fastvid truly sets itself apart from other similar applications available today making it worth every penny spent on downloading & subscribing!

Features of Fastvid for Android

Fastvid is an innovative Android app that gives users the power to watch videos faster than ever before. It provides a range of features designed to make watching your favourite videos easier and more enjoyable, including fast-forwarding, rewinding, looping playback, playing multiple video files at once and much more.

With its intuitive user interface and powerful capabilities Fastvid makes it easy for anyone to get the most out of their online viewing experience.

  • Watch videos without buffering or lagging.
  • Stream HD-quality content with just one click.
  • Download and save your favourite videos for offline viewing anytime, anywhere.
  • Create personalised playlists of the best-trending music, movies & TV shows in any language you prefer to watch on the go!
  • Discover new entertainment from around the world with a huge library of over 20 million titles across genres like action, comedy, drama etc., all at once place!
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience while watching your favourite video clips or songs online/offline as per convenience.
  • Get personalized recommendations based on what you’ve watched earlier so that it is easy to find something new every time!

Pros and Cons of Fastvid:

  • Fastvid Android app allows users to watch videos without any buffering or lagging.
  • It provides a wide range of video content from different genres like movies, TV shows and music clips.
  • The user interface is simple and easy to navigate with intuitive controls for playback options such as speed control, repeat mode etc.
  • Users can also download their favourite videos in HD quality directly on the device storage for offline viewing anytime they want.
  • Supports a Chromecast feature that lets you stream your media files onto bigger screens like television sets easily via a Wi-Fi connection.

  • Slower loading times compared to other video streaming apps.
  • Limited content selection, with only a few popular titles available for viewing.
  • Poor user interface that can be difficult to navigate and use effectively.
  • Ads may appear in between videos which could disrupt the overall experience of watching movies or shows on Fastvid Android app.

FAQs Regarding Fastvid for Android.

Welcome to the Fastvid Apk FAQ page! Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this powerful and versatile video streaming app.

With an intuitive user interface, easy-to-use features, and support for multiple platforms including Android devices, PCs, Macs & TVs – it’s no wonder why so many people are turning to Fastvid as their go-to choice for online entertainment.

Whether you’re a new or experienced user looking for more information on how best to use this amazing platform – we’ve got all your queries covered in our comprehensive list of frequently asked questions below!

Q: What is Fastvid Apk?

A: Fastvid Apk is an Android app that allows users to watch videos from their favourite websites without waiting for them to buffer.

It works by pre-loading the video in advance so it can be watched instantly, eliminating long buffering times and providing a seamless streaming experience. The app also offers features such as offline playback, background playing of audio tracks, smart search functions and more.

Q: How do I install Fastvid Apk on my device?

A: To install Fastvid APK on your device you will need to download the apk file from our website. Once downloaded onto your phone simply open the file manager application (or any similar) then locate where you have placed the .apk file before tapping it once with your finger.

This should start the installation process automatically if all permissions are granted correctly during the setup phase prior to running the first time after successful downloading procedure was completed successfully previously mentioned steps must be followed accordingly.


Fastvid Apk is an amazing video streaming app that allows users to watch videos without any buffering. It offers a great selection of movies, TV shows and music videos in HD quality with no ads or pop-ups. The user interface is simple and intuitive which makes it easy for everyone to use the app effectively.

With its fast loading speed, you can enjoy your favourite content anytime anywhere! Fastvid Apk provides a great way to stream high-quality media on the go at lightning speeds – making it one of the best options out there if you are looking for reliable online video streaming services!

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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