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September 17, 2022


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If you want to make new friends on your WhatsApp, this Friend Search for WhatsApp Apk can surely help you. With this app, you can promote your business, share your affiliate links, and start a broadcast network to share your thoughts. It’s free for everyone, and there will be no risk of getting spam messages on your number. Your identity will be safe, and only the person with this app can add you as a friend. The process of using Friend Search for WhatsApp is too simple to understand. You must enter your number and search for nearby users to make good friends.

About Friend Search for WhatsApp Apk

Friend Search for WhatsApp Apk is a free platform to engage with other WhatsApp users without any risk. You can find new friends, chat with them, share your promotional links or new business, and much more. Your data will be safe and don’t worry about getting banned by the officials, as it’s legal and doesn’t affect your account. Enter your number and locality to find nearby users willing to make new friends around your city. This app has many more unique features; you should install it and get free benefits.

Features of Friend Search for WhatsApp

This app’s many highlights will make you fall your Friend Search for WhatsApp Apk.

  • Clean Interface

It doesn’t bother you with any survey or advertisement. The search for friends tool is too easy to understand.

  • Fast Result

You can get up to 20 numbers at a time with only a single click. Repeat the searches to find new friends every time.

  • No Survey

Just enter your number and start searching; there is no other filter or survey to fill out before you begin adding friends.

  • 100% Secured

Your data will remain safe in the app; only the person who has this app and is willing to share their numbers with you can find your number.

  • Worldwide Access

Not only a specific country, you can search for foreign and Asian numbers also. All the numbers will be genuine, and no bots bothering you with inappropriate messages.

How to Use Friend Search for WhatsApp Apk?

The process is simple; all you have to do is install the app and allow all permissions. It includes the contact and location permission. Allow it to start your search.

  • Install the app, and open it.
  • Enter your number along with the country code and select the coverage area.

  • Hit the search button, and you’ll get 20 numbers per search.
  • All the numbers are genuine and belong to their respective owners.

  • Click on the add button to save the number on your WhatsApp chats, and now you can drop texts to them.


We hope you guys love this Friend Search for WhatsApp Apk and suggest your friends try it. If you have any issues or doubts about this app, feel free to contact us anytime.

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