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Hanime TV Apk is a streaming platform for watching over 10,000+ anime series and movies online.

Official Hanime TV APK is no longer working. We have added Zoro app as an alternate in Download Link.

Hanime TV APK

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Name Hanime TV
Package Name com.pheenix.zoro
Category Entertainment  
Version 3.7.3
Size 2.4 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated April 23, 2024

What is Hanime Tv?

Hanime Tv APK for Android is the perfect app to watch your favourite anime series and movies. This streaming service offers a wide range of titles from popular genres such as action, adventure, comedy, drama and romance.

It has an extensive library that includes both classic shows like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto Shippuden along with newer releases like Attack on Titan or My Hero Academia.

hanime tv Apk

With Hanime TV you can stream in HD quality without having to worry about buffering issues due to its fast loading speeds – so no matter what device you’re using it will always look great!

The user interface is intuitively designed making navigation easy; plus there are plenty of customization options available including language preferences and parental controls which make this app suitable for all ages. Whether you’re looking for something new or revisiting old favourites – download Hanime TV today and start watching right away!

Features of Hanime Tv for Android

Hanime TV is an Android app that offers a wide range of features for anime fans. With its intuitive user interface and comprehensive library, it provides users with access to thousands of hours’ worth of the best Anime content available on mobile devices today.

hanime tv Apk

From streaming episodes from popular series to discovering new titles, Hanime TV makes finding great shows easier than ever before!

  • Stream thousands of uncensored hentai videos in HD quality.
  • Create your own personal watchlist and get notifications when new episodes are released.
  • Search for anime titles by genre, tags or year with a powerful search engine.
  • Browse the library to find something that interests you quickly and easily.
  • Get recommendations based on what you have watched previously.
  • Enjoy exclusive content not available anywhere else.
  • Download videos directly from the app for offline viewing.
  • Access an extensive collection of manga comics.

Pros and Cons of Hanime Tv:

  • Provides access to a large library of anime content, including both classic and new shows.
  • Offers the ability to watch episodes in HD quality for free or at a low cost.
  • Allows users to create their own playlists with favourite titles from different genres.
  • Includes features such as parental controls, which allow parents to monitor what their children are watching on Hanime TV Android app.
  • Has an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for anyone to find and enjoy great anime series quickly and easily.

hanime tv Apk

  • A limited selection of anime titles is available.
  • Not all episodes are free to watch, some require a paid subscription.
  • Ads can be intrusive and annoying for viewers.
  • Some users have reported technical issues with the app such as slow loading times or buffering problems.

FAQs Regarding Hanime Tv for android.

Hanime TV is an Android app that provides users with access to thousands of anime shows and movies. It has become one of the most popular streaming services for watching Japanese animation, offering a wide selection of titles from classic series like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto Shippuden to new releases such as My Hero Academia.

hanime tv Apk

This FAQ page will provide answers to some commonly asked questions about Hanime TV APK so you can get started enjoying your favourite anime in no time!

Q: What is Hanime TV Apk?

A: Hanime TV Apk is an Android application that allows users to watch anime series and movies on their mobile devices. It offers a wide selection of popular Japanese shows, including new releases, as well as classic titles from the past decades.

hanime tv Apk

The app also provides access to thousands of manga comics for reading pleasure. With its intuitive user interface and convenient search functions, it makes finding content easy and enjoyable for all types of viewers – no matter what type or genre they prefer!

Q: How do I install the apk file?

A: To get started with using this app you will need to download the latest version from our website. Once installed onto your device simply open up the APK file which can be found in either the “My Files” folder if downloaded directly through the browser OR inside the Downloads folder once transferred via USB cable/Bluetooth connection etc.

hanime tv Apk

After opening up APK File select the Install button & follow instructions accordingly until installation has been completed successfully then launch the program & enjoy watching Anime Series / Movies anytime anywhere without any restrictions whatsoever!


Hanime TV is an excellent app for those who enjoy watching anime. With its large library of shows, movies and series from all over the world, it offers a great selection to choose from.

Hanime TV’s user-friendly interface makes finding new content easy while providing plenty of options when streaming or downloading videos. It’s no wonder why this popular streaming service continues to be one of the top choices among fans looking for their favourite titles with ease!

Reviewed by: Laila Karbalai

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