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Name IGTools
Package Name com.igtor.official
Category Tools  
Version 9S
Size 5 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Last Updated September 21, 2023

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world. It allows users to share their photos, videos, stories, reels and live with one click. HIgher amount of followers means that person is more popular.

But it’s hard to get active followers unless you put in a lot of hard work and give time to create content. There is an easy way to gain followers and their likes and comments. Install IGTools Apk to your mobile device and put the URL of your Instagram account. This way, your account will be logged in with the IGTools app, and then you can increase the followers, Likes, comments, etc., on your Instagram Page.

What is IGTools apk?

IGTools is an android app which helps users by increasing their Instagram followers for free. This is a third-party app which is totally safe to use. Since IGTools apk is a third-party app, there is a chance that your Instagram can block you from liking, commenting, or posting for some time. But be sure that your data is safe and secure with IGTools app. You don’t have to log in or register in IGTools.


IGTools not only increase your followers, but you can gain instant likes and comments with one click. IGTools doesn’t charge for its services like other apps. You can also increase your videos or reel views with IGTools apk. The fake followers provided by IGTools will be a mixture of both active and bot followers.

You can also get mass emoji comments on your Instagram post with IGTools App. This app is totally free of cost, and it doesn’t show any unnecessary ads too. IF you have added a poll to your Instagram story and you want to change the result of that poll, then you can take the help of the IGTools apk. Overall this app can make you famous overnight.  

Key Features of the IGTools App

Get detailed info on features of the IGTools App below!

Get free likes


Likes are major proof of appreciation if you are an Instagram influencer or a business on Instagram. More likes mean a bigger following and audience that really trust you or your brand. Get up to 2 million likes for free with IGTools App.

Free Unlimited Comments

IGTools provides unlimited comments, which you can put on any Instagram post. You can choose the type of comment as there are

emojis comments as well as phrasal comments. Get comments up to 10 thousand per Instagram post. Comments help you in engagement and profound social proof of being famous. Pre-set the comments you want and send them to your post in bulk with IGTools Apk.

Gain Followers

free instagram likes

Having a vast number of followers or subscribers is the most crucial bar to become famous on any social media platform. You can gain up to 1 Million followers for free from IGTools Apk that too for free. Having these big followings will instantly make you famous among your friends. If you are an influencer, then a high amount of followers can become social proof for them that you are a genuine and renowned content creator.

Increase views

IGTools Apk

The number of views on videos and reels on Instagram can be increased easily with IGTools App. You can instantly grow your views even if the video is old or freshly new. Those views will be visible to everyone who watch those videos.

Change Poll votes

Have you ever seen people or an organization put a voting poll on their Instagram stories, and sometimes they lose the poll. But you can never lose on that poll and get what you desire. You can use the IGTools app to change the poll by adding extra votes with the help of bots. Now it is easy to hack Instagram polls with IGtools app.

Easy to use

The user interface of IGTools are very sleeky and easy to use. Even if you’re from non tech background or don’t understand technical terms still you can use this app very easily. Just follow the simple instructions given on home page and increase your followers very efficiently.

Become popular instantly

The only thing which IGTools apk can’t do is providing a blue tick to your Instagram account. Except that the IGtools app can do everything from increasing followers, Likes, and Views to changing poll votes. This app can make you look like a popular Instagram identity or account within minutes. You can now fake it till you make it with IGTools Apk.

Final verdict

IGTools Apk is a third-party app that helps users to get free unlimited likes, comments and followers. The free followers that you get from IGTools are generally bots. IGTools App doesn’t charge a penny for its services.

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram to look cool and popular among your friends, then IGTools is there to help you. This app is completely safe and secure with its data. You don’t have to sign up in IGTools this way your sensitive data will be safe with you. Download the latest IGTools Apk from LatestModApks.com and grow your Instagram followers with an ease.

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