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Name IMO Lite
Package Name
Category Social  
Version 9.8.000000016937
Size 20.7 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated July 17, 2024

In the current era, technological advancements have brought about significant changes to numerous services related to public welfare, making life much easier. One of the key areas that have been positively impacted is communication.

Nowadays, people can engage in face-to-face conversations from anywhere across the globe with several audio and video call-related applications.

IMO Lite Apk

IMO Lite is a prime example of this, offering a video calling and messaging platform that provides a super-fast and seamless call experience with friends, family, and colleagues, whether domestic or foreign. With its lightweight size and support for up to 20 members. This app simplifies communication, making video calls more accessible and enjoyable.

About IMO Lite: Video Calls & Messaging App

IMO Lite, developed by “”, is an instant video/audio calling and messaging app that supports Android and iOS platforms. Here users can connect with their friends, groups and family from anywhere in the world and enjoy audio or video messaging with them.

Despite being a lightweight size of 6MB, this app lets you send music, videos, images, PDFs and other files apart from calling. Be it local or someone from across the border. You can enjoy a lag-free super, fast calling experience even with an unstable, slow network like 2G.

IMO Lite Apk

In the IMO Lite app, you can make encrypted video or voice calls with instant connectivity with up to 20 members. Make your calling experience even smoother and faster with an app with over 200 million user support and 50 million daily messaging sends.

Feature of IMO Lite App: Take your Video Calling Experience to the Next Level.

Uninterrupted Audio & Video Calls: Make stable audio and video calls to your family and friends using the IMO Lite app. It doesn’t matter if they are from abroad or not. Get instant connectivity even on a low internet connection without any interruptions and enhance your calling experience.

IMO Lite

Share Your Files: Taking communication a step further, the IMO Lite app brings you a file-sharing option where you can make it more enticing by using voice messaging and sending dazzling stickers during chat apart from video calls. You can send music, videos, images, docs and other files to the recipient in this app, so apart from being social, it also emerges as the best option for productivity.

Beneficial despite being Small App Size: Being only 6MB in size, this app consumes less of your device storage and also performs a super-fast installation process. Despite being small in size, you get all the main premium features inbuilt inside the IMO Lite app. Which makes it easily compatible with every smartphone, even if it is a low-spec device.

Personalized Chat Group: Bring your close friends, colleagues and family members together by creating various chat groups and liven up the group atmosphere using cool features like text, stickers and voice messages. The IMO Lite app provides the facility of connecting 20 users simultaneously. So that you can use this app for personal and official work.

Additional Key Features of IMO Lite App

  • Low Network Compatibility: Designed to work perfectly with unstable internet connections and 2G networks
  • Less Data Consumption: The IMO Lite app works with low data consumption even during high data traffic. Which making it an effective tool for saving money
  • Smooth Performance: One of the fastest connectivity apps where everyone has lag-free communication calling experience.
  • No Ads: Get access to all premium features without any ads.

Final Conclusion

IMO Lite is a free app that provides users with high-quality video and audio calls. In addition to calling, you get to see facilities like chatting, file sharing and voice messaging. Due to which 200 million users are connected to this app and are getting better calling experience. Now enjoy a super fast, smooth and lag-free calling experience with the IMO Lite app.

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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