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Savefrom helper apk is a great app to download all your videos from any social media platforms.

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Name Savefrom helper
Package Name com.example.savefromNew
Category Tools  
Version 2.3.29
Size 20.1 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Last Updated July 14, 2024

Savefrom helper apk is an app experience of the savefrom website version. This app lets you download videos from any website, including YouTube and Facebook. We all love sharing videos on WhatsApp, but mostly we have to share the link to the video. Also, in my Times, it is not practical to share a link. Most of us use many websites to download and share videos with friends.

Savefrom helper

Now many websites are available to download videos from youtube and Facebook. But most of them show multiple errors. And many times, one website will be able to download, and the same website will not download some other video.

To overcome all these problems, you can download savefrom helper apk, which lets you Download all videos for free. Today, we created this breed post explaining all the pros of using the savefrom helper app.

Features of savefrom helper

There are a lot of features, but to save time, we will only provide you with the top 10 qualities of the app.


Many video downloaders are paid and might ask you for a monthly subscription. These subscriptions might cost from 1$ to 10$, but if we think practically, it is not worth buying all these subscriptions. Savefrom helper apk is entirely free and uses an ad-based revenue model to show you ads, thus making the app free to watch.

Savefrom helper apk
savefrom apk mod no ads free download latest version

No registration

Regulation on many websites keeps us always at risk of days breach and other problems related to our data safety. On the save helper apk, you download any video without any registration.

Download anything

Savefrom helper apk

We all want to download videos from the internet, whether it may be Instagram or Facebook, or YouTube. Most of us use an app for each one of them separately. But not now, as savefrom net helper apk lets you download any video from all over the internet directly. Right now, the savefrom helper apk supports more than 1000 websites from where you can download videos.

Hd download supported

The HD download option provides stability; you can rely on this option to download any video in HD quality.

Savefrom helper apk

Faster download Speed

The save from net helper apk is a gem as it automatically identifies the best server with the quickest Speed and the smallest and highest quality of the video.

Multiple formats.

Not only MP4, but you can download numerous formats, including Flv, MOV, MP3 etc.

No data collection

Most of the apps make money from using the data of the users. But the savefrom helper apk always supports transparency and will automatically close the background data as soon as the app is closed.


It was our take on the savefrom helper apk. Everyone who is on social media must use the app to download videos faster than ever. Let’s take a quick recap of what we discussed today. Thank you for reading. If you still have any doubts, we would love you to listen to them from your side. For more such apps, follow the latestmodapks.

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