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Signal Apk is the safest online messaging app with end-to-end encrypted chats.

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Name Signal
Package Name org.thoughtcrime.securesms
Category Communication  
Version 6.21.3
Size 55.4 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated May 25, 2023

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The news about the data breach from Whatsapp is well known. Most of all, social media are likely unsafe due to sensitive data leaks. Our text messages contain many private secrets that no one wants to get leaked. Now you can get the best online texting experience with full safety with this app. Signal Apk is an online messaging and video calling app.

Signal Apk

Signal Apk has many amazing features, such as sharing stories, images, and videos, creating groups, hidden chats, Disappearing chats and much more. You can also pin the important chats and profiles to easily find them among other profiles and groups. If you want to create a note for yourself, then you can directly share or write a message in the note available in this app.

Signal Apk

This app is available in every country except Iran, China, Russia and Cuba. Iranian users can soon get this app in their country. This app is better than others because you can easily use a pin lock on some messages and hide them. All data and chats will be safe forever. Even images and videos sent or received in this app will be encrypted and hidden unless you save them on your device.

Key Features of Signal Apk:

The Signal app came into existence when most social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and others were caught with data leaks. Now it is one of the most used messaging apps after Whatsapp and Telegram. To learn about the unique features of Signal Apk, read below:

Send Disappearing Messages

Signal Apk

Signal Apk is a texting app just like WhatsApp. But here you can send messages which will disappear after a day. The best part is you can set the time limit for message disappearance. This feature helps you clean the messages automatically without any manual assistance.

Connect with Voice and Video Calls

Signal Apk

Besides chatting, you can also do video and audio calling. On Video Calls, you can talk to 6 people at a time, while on audio, you can talk with one person only unless it’s a call-on group. To connect with more people on audio and Video calls, you must create a group and call the whole group, which helps you call up to 100 people at a time on Signal Apk.

Send Images, Gifs, etc

Signal Apk

This app allows you to send files, such as Images, Gifs, Contacts, PDFs, and more. If you want to send images that can look once only and get deleted afterwards, you can click on the show once while sending images.

Add Unlimited friends to Group chats

Signal Apk

You can create a Signal Group and chat with all your friends anytime. Currently, there is no limit for profiles per group in this app. You can send Texts, Images and other files in groups to connect with everyone.

Hide Secret Chats

Signal Apk

Signal Apk is known for its privacy. You can hide your messages using pin lock, which allows users to safeguard their chats, images and other information. As all data is encrypted, it will always be safe with you.

Change App Appearance

Signal Apk

You must consider a dark mode theme if you chat for a longer time on Signal App without a break. The light theme is attractive, but it hurts the eyes and using a mobile for a long will cause redness and pain in the eyes. Besides the Dark theme, you can also change the chat wallpaper and colour. You can also change the font size for this app.

Signal Stories

Signal Apk

Like Instagram stories, you can also put stories here in the form of Images, Texts and Videos. You can customize your stories and create highlights that everyone can see after 24 hours. You can also choose who can and cannot watch your stories in this app. 


Signal Apk is the safest online communication tool. All messages in this app are end-to-end encrypted, and no one can read them. Unlike other social media apps that ask permission and misuse it for their gain, Signal Apk is the best non-profit messaging app. You can send images, gifs, texts and more to your friends. Download Signal Apk, chat video call, and send audio and other files to your friends and family.

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