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Solitaire Blitz is an online Multiplayer Solitaire game with amazing events and modes.

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Name Solitaire Blitz
Package Name com.onjoyride.jrxsolitaireblitz
Category Card  
Version 1.7.2
Size 119.0 MB
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Last Updated December 8, 2023

We all, at some point, get bored, and card games are one of the best ways to pass our leisure time. Solitaire Blitz apk by Joyride is an amazing card game with many weekly and monthly events. You can also play real-time 1vs1 PvP matches for Solitaire Blitz’s digital currency, $RLY.This digital currency might not have any value out of the game, but $RLY is necessary to play the game in this app.

solitaire blitz apk

The matchmaking in Solitaire Blitz is fixed by artificial intelligence that chooses a compatible and fair match for your skill level. You can also earn bonuses for playing fast. To play in, you will need $RLY and a key to unlock the events. Some of the tournaments are unlocked only after you cross the assigned level.

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The main goal of Solitaire Blitz is to make a sequence of cards starting with Ace. You can also put the new card in the waiting stock to easily put it in solitaire. Live events and special events are popular modes of Solitaire Blitz. Live events are unlocked after reaching levels 6 and 8 in this game.

Key Features of Solitaire Blitz Apk:

The Solitaire Blitz app is a hub of Solitaire games. You can find one vs one game, one vs Many games, Elimination matches, Normal online PvP games, Royal Rumble, Coin Rush and much more in one app. Read more detailed Features on Solitaire Blitz below:

Solitaire Blitz

  • Smooth Solitaire Gameplay

Solitaire Blitz is a multiplayer game which is mainly online, but you can never find any kind of lag between your game. This game has smooth gameplay; just keep your internet connection in check.

  • Real-time PvP


Since this game is online and multiplayer, all your competitors in PvP matches will be in real-time and play along with you. You will get 5 minutes to solve Solitaire and get as many scores as possible to beat the competitor.

  • Live Events and Tournaments

Besides PvP, you can also play in various events and Tournaments. There are 15 to 100 players on average in tournaments. The winning amount is always big. You can take your time and score as much as you can within the given time limit to win Live events.

  • Matchmaking based on Skills

Various factors lead to matchmaking, and that is decided by Artificial intelligence. The most basic factor is the level or rankings. Most of your competitors will be near your level, as competing with them will be easy for you.

  • Referral and Rewards

With each referral, you can earn up to 100 $RLY in total. Besides referrals, you can get rewards by winning tournaments. Live tournaments offer mega rewards to hype up your gaming experience.

  • User-friendly interface

This gaming app is easy to use with its amazing interface. The graphics are minimal and attractive, which makes this game best for leisure time.

  • No Ads

There are no silly popup ads in this app to disturb you while enjoying this game.


Solitaire Blitz apk is the best solitaire game for android. This game has many modes and live tournaments to get a real-life Solitaire table experience. This is a multiplayer game in games that come from around the world. $RLY currency is very important and useful if you want to play bigger tournaments and games in Solitaire Blitz Apk. Download Solitaire Blitz App and share it with your friends to earn $RLY and many other rewards.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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