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An endless running adventure game that tests your reflexes and dexterity as you dodge and jump obstacles in an ancient temple!

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Name Temple Run
Package Name com.imangi.templerun
Category Arcade  
Version 1.26.0
Size 89.6 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated May 25, 2024

What is Temple Run?

Temple Run APK for Android is a popular and highly addictive 3D endless running game. Developed by Imangi Studios, it has been downloaded over one billion times worldwide since its initial release in 2011. In the game, players take on the role of an explorer who must escape from being chased by evil monkeys after stealing an ancient idol from a mysterious temple deep in the jungle.

Temple Run Apk

As they run through various obstacles such as walls, trees and waterfalls while collecting coins along their way to boost their score; players can also unlock new characters with special powers that help them survive longer during each round of playtime!

With stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 technology coupled with intuitive controls designed specifically for touchscreens devices like smartphones or tablets – Temple Run APK offers hours upon hours of entertainment-filled fun suitable for both casual gamers looking for quick pick-up games as well as hardcore fans seeking intense challenges against friends online!

Features of Temple Run for Android

Temple Run is an exciting and thrilling game for Android users. It has become one of the most popular mobile apps in recent years, as it offers a unique mix of action-packed gameplay with simple controls that make it easy to pick up and play.

Temple Run Apk

The objective of Temple Run is to run through ancient temples while avoiding obstacles such as gaps between platforms, rolling logs, fire pits and more. As you progress further into the temple your score increases exponentially – making this app highly addictive!

  • Intuitive and responsive tilt controls to navigate the character through obstacles.
  • Swipe up, down or sideways to jump, slide and turn respectively.
  • Collect coins as you run for power-ups & special powers.
  • Unlock new characters with unique abilities like wall jumping etc.
  • Explore a variety of mysterious ancient worlds full of hidden secrets!
  • Compete against friends on leaderboards by sharing your score via Facebook/Twitter integration.
  • Challenge yourself with exciting objectives at every level that gives rewards when completed successfully.

Pros and Cons of Temple Run:

  • Easy to learn and play with simple controls.
  • Engaging, fast-paced gameplay that keeps players coming back for more.
  • Offers a variety of characters and power-ups to choose from.
  • Includes stunning 3D graphics which create an immersive gaming experience.
  • Supports both single-player mode as well as online multiplayer mode so you can challenge your friends or other gamers around the world in real-time races!

Temple Run Apk

  • Ads are intrusive and can be distracting.
  • The game is repetitive, making it boring after a while.
  • Some users have reported glitches in the app that cause their progress to reset or freeze up unexpectedly.
  • In-app purchases may encourage players to spend more money than they intended on extra lives and power-ups.

FAQs Regarding Temple Run for Android.

Welcome to the Temple Run FAQ page! Here, you can find answers to common questions about this popular mobile game. Developed by Imangi Studios in 2011, Temple Run is an endless running video game that has become a staple of modern gaming culture.

Temple Run Apk

Players take on the role of an explorer who must navigate their way through various obstacles and mazes while avoiding enemies such as monkeys or giant spiders. This thrilling adventure offers hours upon hours of fun for gamers all over the world – so if you’re looking for more information on how it works and what makes it special, keep reading!

Q: What is Temple Run?

A: Temple Run is a popular mobile game developed by Imangi Studios. It’s an endless running video game where the player has to navigate their character through various obstacles while collecting coins and power-ups along the way. The objective of the game is to run as far away from evil monkeys chasing you, all while avoiding treacherous pitfalls and other hazards that come your way!

Temple Run Apk

Q: How do I play Temple Run?

A: To start playing, simply download and install it on your Android device – then launch it. You will be presented with several options such as “Play Now” which starts off immediately into a randomly generated level; “Tutorial Mode” which provides helpful tips for beginners; or even customizing characters if desired before beginning gameplay.

Temple Run Apk

Once in control of your avatar, swipe left/right/upward depending on what kind of obstacle needs navigating around (e.g.: jump over pits), collect coins scattered throughout each stage for bonus points at endgame & use special powers when needed like invincibility shields etc!


Temple Run Apk is an incredibly popular game that has been downloaded millions of times since its release. It’s easy to see why, as it offers a thrilling and challenging experience for players of all ages.

With stunning graphics, exciting levels, and plenty of power-ups available throughout the course of playtime, Temple Run provides hours upon hours worth of replay value. Whether you’re looking for something fun to pass the time with or are seeking out an intense challenge this app will have something in store just right for you!

Reviewed by: Marissa

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