Latest Whatsapp Tips & Tricks Which you Should Try

Latest Whatsapp Tips & Tricks Which you Should Try

Updated on November 16, 2022

Tricks of Whatsapp: Hey Guys, in this Tutorial I will tell you some of the best Whatsapp Tips & Tricks which you should try on your Smartphone. You are maybe using Whatsapp on your Smartphone from past couple of years or started using it. I am sure you will learn something new from this tutorial. After search a lot, we are here with some of the super cool and secret whatsapp tips and tricks which you can try on your Smartphone. Many websites are providing WhatsApp tricks, but in this tutorial, you will get best of the tricks here in one Single Post.

Whatsapp Tricks is also very trending topic of all time. Many people search for some of the cool WhatsApp tricks, which you can try on your Smartphone. There are many whatsapp tricks available these days. We have posted lots of other tricks too in this blog like Whatsapp plus app and much more. Whatsapp Tips & Tricks are pretty much trending these days, like using 2 whatsapp accounts on single android is trending a lot. We have discovered lots of tricks regarding WhatsApp, and sharing some of them below, let’s check them out now.


Best WhatsApp Tricks Which You Can Use

How to Do Video Calling WhatsApp

  • First of all, you need to open your WhatsApp messenger
  • Now only open any chat or friend chat, whom you want to talk
  • Then Tap on your friend chat tab, click on it
  • Now click on the top of the call icon.


  • There you will get 3 option 1-voice call and 2-video call.
  • Click on the video call option.

whatsapp video calling trick

  • Finally, you have placed video call successfully


  • Enjoy the WhatsApp video calling feature and start calling as video with your friends

Use Two Accounts on the same Android device


  • Download and install parallel space application from Play Store

  • Open the app and scroll Down a Little Bit. Select Whatsapp from the list and click Add to Parallel Space Button.

  • Now you are on the Main Screen of this app. Click on WhatsApp icon from there.

  • Now you need to verify your Mobile number via OTP Code.

  • Enjoy using 2 Whatsapp accounts with the help of this Parallel Space app.

Must Check – GBWhatsApp Apk

Create Shortcut for Frequently Contacted List


  • First of you need to open your WhatsApp messenger.
  • In main Screen of Whatsapp, Long press on any Contact and then press menu button from top right.
  • After this choose add chat shortcut option.

  • Tap on it, go back on home screen and check.
  • Enjoy and Access the frequently and critical contacted list

Share your location with your WhatsApp friends and family


Note – Enable GPS from your Phone from Settings – Location – Turn on.

  • First of all, you have to open the WhatsApp messenger.
  • Now select any contact whom you want to share your location, tap on any contact.
  • Then go to the top of the right Attachment icon, click on it
  • Now you will get the option of location sharing, click on it

  • Finally, you have shared your location, enjoy this useful trick and let your friend know about location sharing option.


Send Fake Location on WhatsApp

  • Install Fake GPS Location app from Play Store
  • After Install Fake GPS app on your Phone, Open it.
  • Goto your phone’s Settings. Click on About PhoneClick on Build Number 7 Times.
  • Now Go back to settings, open Developer options, Tick on Allow moke locations and select moke location app to fake gps.

  • Now open Fake GPS app from your Phone, Click Search button and enter location of y0ur choice.

  • Now Click on play icon from bottom right corner of this app.
  • Goto Whatsapp, send your location to anyone. It will share that fake location to person.

Spam Friend’s WhatsApp With WhastApp Bomber

  • At First, Make Sure you have Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 on your Pc already installed.
  • After that, Download Whatsapp Spammer app on your Pc – Download.
  • Open This Software from your PC, Enter the text of your choice which you want to send to your friends.

  • Open Whatsapp Web from your PC. Then open whatsapp from your phone, click menu button and select Whatsapp web option. Scan the Code which is showing on your PC and you will be logged in into whatsapp web.
  • After that open the contact of your choice which you want to spam.
  • Select Number of Times you want to send the message from there. Then click on Start.
  • Click on the Type a message field and you are done.

Now it will send messages continuously to Victim and spam their inbox and sometimes it can also hang victim’s device If his / her device’s specifications are very low.

Demo :-

Select a custom Notification for Specific Group

  • Open your WhatsApp then press any group for few seconds.
  • Now click on right side three doted menu icon, then click on Group info.
  • Now you have to choose custom notification option.

  • Check the use custom notification option.

  • Now just click on notification tone option and select any sound according to your choice.

Use Bold, Italic and Strikethrough attribute in chat conversation


How to Use Bold, italic and strikethrough attribute in chat conversation

  • Now open any chat, then type any message like normal but add some symbols for making them bold, italic or strikethrough
  • For making italic text add an star(*) symbol before and after the text and then click on send button. Example—-  *latestmodapks*
  • For making italic text add an underscore(_) symbol before and after the text and then click on send button. Example—- _latestmodapks_
  • For creating strikethrough text add the tilde(~) symbol before and after the text and then click on send button. Example—- ~latestmodapks~

How to know when He/She read your message

  • First long press your message you want to inspect, select I symbol from top bar.

Your message info will be displayed now.

  • At the middle, there is read a by session where no. of recipients mentioned who read that message and also show how much recipients are remaining.

  • At the bottom, there is delivered the to the session, which indicates that message is delivered but read by recipients.

Stop everyone from knowing you read their Message by Default

  • Also, flight mode will prevent that the messages of WhatsApp being marked as read.
  • By default simply pull down the notification of messages from Whatsapp and read it without knowing by the sender.
  • If you want that sender will get the information that you read his messages, so you can just restore through WhatsApp settings.
  • Go to Settings – Account – Privacy – Untick Read Recipient option.

Use WhatsApp quote feature to quote any message

  • Long Press on any Message which you want to Reply. Select Reply icon, as described in Below Screenshot.

  • After that Reply your Message, and it will look like below Screenshot which clearly describe I am replying to which particular message.

Mark any message on WhatsApp as Starred and find it later

What is starred feature?

The starred feature of Whatsapp enables you to pin or point any message from a conversation . So by this, you can easily reply to it later. Or also marked as important to reply.

How do we use Starred feature

  • Long press the message you want to select then Click menu button from top right, select Star option from there.

  • Just choose the star option, and yours is message marked as starred.
  • Also, you can simply be unsigned the starred message by just hold the starred message and select the star, where the star is shown with a line in its middle. After selecting the starred message become a common message for you to carry.
  • Go Back to WhatsApp Main Screen, Press menu button then click Starred Messages option to view your all Star messages.

How to Lock Whatsapp Conversations

  • Download Messenger and Chat Lock app from Play Store
  • Open the app and Select 4 Digit pin of your choice.

  • Now Select Whatsapp from the list and Click on Button.

  • Now Whenever you will try to open WhatsApp, it will ask for pin first.

So this way you can save your WhatsApp messages from other people by just one simple app.

Change Whatsapp background

  • First, you need to open WhatsApp.
  • Click menu button then select settings.
  • Press chats then choose wallpaper option.

  • Now you will be able to select wallpapers from your gallery, wallpaper library, etc.
  • It will also show live preview, just like below screenshot.

Now you can enjoy your favourite colour as your Whatsapp wallpaper.

Send a Message to all your Friends at Once

  • Just type any message you want to send.
  • Hold the message you type (long press).
  • Now you will be able to see the various option, select right arrow.

  • After that select person or friends, you like to send this message.
  • It takes approximately 30 seconds to deliver a message to all recipients.

Note- before forwarding the message to all select the friends to which you like to send that particular message. Sometimes by mistake, you send the message which is suspicious to others as you need to care.

Send Documents in Whatsapp Like PDF, txt, Docx

  • Documents are of anypdf, txt, docx, vcf can be easily sent to any recipients without getting panicked or tension.
  • This new feature of WhatsApp proves its necessary in the circle of WhatsApp users.
  • Simply select any recipient you want to send him/her any document, just select menu bar option which is at the top
  • the select document, pick any document from your mobile and send it.

Note- now WhatsApp users will quickly send their documents while there is of study purpose, business use and much more.

Change phone number keeping the same account

  • First, you need to open WhatsApp.
  • Then go to settings, Select account option.
  • Now selects change number option.

  • Select next option from there, It will ask you to enter new and old phone number with country code.

  • After this complete OTP authentication
  • now your number has changed.

None of your data including groups/chats will be deleted. All your data will be safe after changing your number. Other people will also get notification that you have changed your WhatsApp number.

How to use two WhatsApp in Single Android phone (Without any Third-Party App)

  • An alternative sim card in which you want to use 2 Whatsapp.
  • Your Android phone version must be the lollipop or higher.

Here is a guide how to use two WhatsApp

  • Go to Your phone settings->users and tap on add user by this you create new user or guest user.

  • After creating new user your phone look like a new phone, and you need to log in to your Google account in a new user account.
  • Download and install Whatsapp from play store.
  • Log in WhatsApp with the new number and enjoy the functionality of using the second WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Set Full Size Whatsapp DP Without Crop

  • Download Square Droid App from here – Play Store
  • After Install SquareDroid App from play store, simply open it.
  • Now Select The option of Pick a Photo from here.

  • Now Select pic which you want to set as your Whatsapp DP, Select Background type and you are done.

  • Hit save button from top right corner and it will save your DP in your Phone.

  • Now you can set this Picture on your Whatsapp and it will not crop your image so you can’t lose any part of your image.

Final Words

So, Guys, these were the some of the top Whatsapp Tips & Tricks which you should try on your Android phone. If you have any issues while following this tutorial, then simply comment below I will try to help you out. Have more tricks? Simply comment down the trick, We will try to add into this post as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting this blog and stay tuned for more cool stuff like this.

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