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Access a vast collection of exclusive and popular games from Xbox consoles on your mobile device using the Xbox Game Pass App.

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Name Xbox Game Pass
Package Name com.gamepass
Category Entertainment  
Version 2407.30.624
Size 61.9 MB
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated June 27, 2024

Gaming enthusiasts familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox are likely aware of its powerful machine that has taken the world by storm with Forza Horizon, Halo, RDR2, and numerous other AAA titles featuring 4K graphics and Ray Tracing.

This console has dominated the gaming industry and boasts a range of exclusive titles that have garnered a devoted following, with fans eagerly anticipating their annual releases.

Xbox Game Pass Apk

However, the high cost of these titles, making them inaccessible to many gamers. To address this issue, Microsoft present the Xbox Game Pass app, which allows you to download all the popular and newly released console gaming titles free with a monthly subscription.

You can play these games using your controller and be among the first to experience some of the most highly anticipated Xbox-exclusive titles at the lowest possible cost.

About Xbox Game Pass App

Xbox Game Pass Mobile is an online gaming service offered by Microsoft for the Android and iOS platforms. This app lets users download over 100 exclusive Xbox and popular titles for their console and PC.

Notable games such as Forza Horizon, Gears, Halo, RDR2, and Last of Us, among many other AAA titles, are available for free with a low-cost monthly subscription as part of Microsoft’s extensive library of games.

Xbox Game Pass is similar to Sony’s PlayStation Now in that it provides gamers with the opportunity to try out games from a variety of genres every month, a veritable paradise for those who complete game storylines in no time.

Xbox Game Pass Apk

Furthermore, if you lack an Xbox Live Gold membership, you can still play online games with friends in multiplayer mode. With a user-friendly interface and a discount of up to 20% compared to physical discs.

This app is a dream come true for gaming enthusiasts. As a result, you can enjoy high-quality graphics games at a low subscription cost, making the total cost of all games negligible.

Features of the Xbox Game Pass App

Explore Extensive Library

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can explore an extensive library of games tailored to their individual preferences and gaming styles. The platform provides users detailed information about each game, including screenshots and reviews, to facilitate informed decision-making.

Choose from a vast array of 100+ Games

Access over 100 Microsoft-exclusive and popular game titles, updated monthly, by subscribing to this platform. Xbox Game Pass extensive library includes games such as Halo, Resident Evil, The Last of Us, and a variety of indie titles, all available to users at no additional cost. Investing in each title can prove an expensive endeavor, making this service an excellent value for Xbox console owners.

Xbox Game Pass Apk

Remote Install facility

With Xbox Game Pass’ remote install feature, users can download games from their PC or console without enduring long hours of downloading in front of their console. Users need only leave their system in an “Instant On” state to take advantage of this convenient feature. This allows games to be installed and ready to play whenever the user is.

Setup Alert For New Games

Xbox Game Pass users eagerly look forward to playing all new and highly anticipated game titles that launch monthly. You don’t want to let this opportunity pass by, so the app gives you the option of alert notifications. So that users are notified before the game is launched, and they don’t miss any precious moment.

Cloud Gaming Option

Experience console gaming on your supported smartphones and tablets through the Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming service. With this app, you can access all the games installed on your console from anywhere with an internet connection and enjoy playing them using a compatible controller.

Final Word

The Xbox Game Pass app is an online gaming service provided by Microsoft. Where PC and console gamers can play over 100+ exclusive game titles for free with low monthly subscription packs. Now experience the AAA title with high graphics and make your gaming journey even more memorable.

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