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The Yuka Apk is an application for accessing personalized nutritional information and recommendations for grocery products.

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Name Yuka
Package Name io.yuka.android
Category Health & Fitness  
Version 4.38.3
Size 171.0 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated May 19, 2024

What is Yuka?

Yuka APK for Android is a revolutionary mobile app that makes it easier than ever to stay informed about the ingredients in your food. With Yuka, you can scan barcodes on products and get detailed nutritional information within seconds.

You’ll also be able to see how healthy or unhealthy each product is with its color-coded rating system so you know exactly what’s going into your body before making any purchases at the store.

Yuka apk

By providing clear labels of all allergens contained in foods, this application helps people make healthier decisions when shopping for groceries. Additionally, users may find out more details such as origin country and production method from their smartphone screens without having to read through long ingredient lists manually which saves time significantly!

Features of Yuka for Android

Yuka is an Android app that helps you make healthier food choices. It scans the barcodes of products to give users detailed nutrition information and advice on how to choose better options for their diet. Yuka also offers personalized recommendations, helping people find healthy alternatives quickly and easily while shopping or cooking at home.

Yuka apk

With its intuitive user interface, comprehensive database of over 600,000 foods from around the world, and helpful tips on eating well, Yuka makes it easier than ever before to eat a balanced diet with confidence!

  • The Yuka Android app scans food products and provides an assessment of their healthiness.
  • It also offers advice on healthier alternatives to the product being scanned.
  • The app contains a database with over 1 million items, covering both processed foods as well as fresh produce from supermarkets or local stores in France and Belgium.
  • Users can search for specific ingredients if they want more information about them before buying something at the store.
  • The user interface is simple yet intuitive, allowing users to quickly access all features without any difficulty.
  • Yuka has a barcode scanner that allows you to scan your shopping list so it’s easier than ever to make sure everything you buy is healthy!

Pros and Cons of Yuka:

  • The Yuka Android app provides users with a comprehensive nutritional analysis of food products.
  • It is easy to use and helps shoppers make better decisions when selecting items in the store.
  • The app offers detailed information about ingredients, allergens, and additives as well as nutrition facts for each product scanned by barcode or manual search.
  • Its database includes over 600,000 grocery items from all major supermarkets across Europe and North America.
  • Yuka’s algorithm displays an overall score based on its evaluation criteria such as sugar content, presence of GMOs or palm oil derivatives etc., making it easier to identify healthier alternatives at a glance without having to read through long ingredient lists manually every time you shop for groceries.

Yuka apk

  • Limited availability: Yuka is only available on the Google Play Store, so it may not be accessible to everyone.
  • Lack of detailed information: The app does not provide a lot of detail about food products and their ingredients.
  • Not all foods are covered by the database: Some items that cannot be found in stores might not have an entry in Yuka’s database, making them difficult for users to analyze.
  • Accuracy issues with barcode scanning feature: There can sometimes be discrepancies between what is scanned from a product label versus what appears within the app’s results page due to incorrect data input or outdated databases used by retailers/manufacturers.

FAQs Regarding Yuka for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs about Yuka, an app that helps you make healthier food choices! This revolutionary tool scans barcodes on products and gives you detailed information about their nutritional value. It also provides tips for making smarter decisions when it comes to your diet.

Yuka apk

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want more knowledge of what goes into the foods we eat every day, Yuka is here to help. Read through this page for answers regarding how best to use this amazing resource!

Q: What is Yuka?

A: Yuka is a mobile app that helps you make healthier food choices by scanning the barcodes of products and providing nutritional information about them in an easy-to-read format, including ratings for each product based on criteria like additives or sugar content. The goal of this app is to help people identify better options when grocery shopping so they can lead a healthier lifestyle overall.

Q: How does Yuka work?

A: Once downloaded onto your phone from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), users simply need to open up their camera and scan any product’s barcode with it while inside the store – no typing necessary!

Yuka apk

After doing so, details regarding ingredients, nutrition facts labels, as well as health scores will be displayed within seconds; allowing shoppers to quickly assess whether something meets their dietary needs before purchasing it off the shelves. Additionally, if desired, one may also save scanned items into “favourites” lists for future reference/shopping trips.


The Yuka Apk is a great way to make sure you are eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy food. It allows users to scan barcodes of products in the store, analyze their ingredients list, and give them an overall score based on how healthy it is for consumption.

The app also provides detailed nutrition information as well as alternative healthier options if available. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive database of over two million items from major supermarkets around the world, Yuka makes shopping smarter than ever before!

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