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The 6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK allows players to easily line up their shots in 8 Ball pool games for improved accuracy and precision.

6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK

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Name 6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball
Package Name com.roacs.linemme
Category Tools  
Version 1.1
Size 12.4 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated December 7, 2023

What is the 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball?

The 6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK is an Android application that provides users with a comprehensive tool to help them improve their game of billiards. With this app, players can practice and hone their skills in the comfort of home or on the go.

6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK

The intuitive interface allows you to easily set up your shot by selecting from multiple aiming options such as long-line aim, short-line aim, safety shots and more. You also have access to detailed statistics which will give you insight into how well you are playing each type of shot so that adjustments can be made accordingly if needed.

Additionally, there is a tutorial mode available where beginners can learn all about shooting techniques without having any prior knowledge or experience necessary – making it perfect for those just starting out!

Features of 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball for Android

The 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball Android app is the perfect tool for any serious pool player. It gives you an easy way to practice and improve your game, with features that make it easier than ever before to get better at playing 8 ball on a mobile device.

6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK

With this app, you can easily line up shots from multiple angles using its intuitive interface; track progress over time by viewing detailed statistics of each shot taken; customize settings like table size and aiming lines so they fit perfectly into your style of play; challenge yourself with various levels of difficulty as well as different modes such as timed or target-based challenges.

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of competitive billiards or looking for ways to take your skillset even further, this powerful yet user-friendly application has something for everyone!

  • Easy-to-use interface with intuitive controls.
  • Ability to set up custom aiming lines and angles for each shot.
  • Adjustable line length, colour, opacity and thickness settings.
  • Option of saving commonly used aim lines as presets.
  • Visual representation of the cue ball’s path after a shot is taken.
  • Support for multiple camera views including overhead view from any angle.
  • Real-time 3D preview showing how shots interact in different situations.

Pros and Cons of 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball:

  • Easy to use: The 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball Android app is designed with a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all skill levels to quickly learn how to navigate the program.
  • Accurate aim line: This tool provides an accurate aiming line that helps players accurately set up their shots in order to maximize accuracy when shooting pool balls.
  • Visual feedback system: The visual feedback system provided by this tool gives instant confirmation on whether or not you have made your shot correctly as well as any adjustments needed while playing.
  • Adjustable power level settings: This feature allows players to adjust the power behind each shot so they can fine-tune their gameplay according to different situations during a match.
  • Practice mode available: Practice Mode enables users to practice various techniques without having other people around, which makes them more prepared before competing against others online or offline at tournaments etc.
  • Compatible with most devices & platforms: This application supports both iOS and Android operating systems allowing its user base access from virtually anywhere.

6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK

  • It may be difficult to remember the exact aim line that is required for a particular shot.
  • The app might not accurately reflect real-life physics and angles of shots, leading to inaccurate results when playing 8 Ball in person.
  • Some users may find it hard or confusing to use the tool due to its complexity.
  • If there are any bugs with the app, they can cause incorrect readings which could lead players astray during their gameplay.
  • As this type of aiming system relies on digital technology instead of physical cues such as chalk lines or other visual aids used traditionally by pool hall players, some people will prefer traditional methods over using an electronic device like this one.
  • There is no way for users who do not have access to an Android phone/tablet (or compatible devices)to make use of this application’s features.

FAQs Regarding 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball APK! This app is designed to help you improve your accuracy in pool and billiards games.

6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK

With this tool, you can practice aiming more accurately with a long line, so that when it comes time to play on an actual table or online game of 8 ball, snooker or other cue sports – you’ll be ready. In this guide, we will explain how the app works and answer some common questions about its features and usage.

Q: What is the 6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball Apk?

A: The 6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball Apk is a mobile application designed to help players of all skill levels improve their accuracy and consistency when playing pool.

This app features an intuitive interface that allows users to practice aiming at different angles with various cue sticks, as well as providing detailed statistics on each shot taken. Additionally, it provides helpful tips and tricks from professional coaches who have years of experience in teaching people how to play better billiards.

Q: How do I use this tool?

A: To get started using the 6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball App simply download it onto your device via either Google Play or Apple’s App Store depending upon which operating system you are running on your phone/tablet etc.

6 Long Line Aim Tool for 8 Ball APK

Once downloaded open up the app by tapping its icon then follow along with any instructions displayed within such as setting up user profiles if needed before beginning practising shots inside one of many virtual training rooms available through this software package!

You can also access tutorials provided by experienced professionals should further guidance be required during usage too – allowing anyone regardless skillset level become a more accurate shooter over time without having to leave home (or even couch).


The 6 Long Line Aim Tool For 8 Ball Apk is a great tool for improving your game. It helps you to practice and improve your aim in the pool, while also allowing you to track progress over time. The app provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users of any skill level the ability to quickly learn how it works and take advantage of its features.

With this powerful tool at their disposal, players can easily train themselves to become better shots with each session they play – giving them more confidence when playing against others or competing in tournaments!

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