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ABCD2 is an educational game that helps kids learn the English alphabet.

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Name ABCD2
Package Name com.indiagames.abcdgame_android
Category Arcade  
Version 10.0
Size 48.4 MB
Requires Android 10.9 and up
Last Updated September 23, 2023

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ABCD2 is an educational Android game developed by IndiaGames. It is designed to help children learn the alphabet, numbers and basic words in a fun way. The game features colorful illustrations of animals, objects and everyday scenes that are linked with each letter of the alphabet or number.

The main objective of ABCD2 is for players to identify letters and numbers from different images presented on screen. Players must then match them correctly with their respective sounds. As they progress through the levels, more complex tasks such as spelling simple words will be introduced. Each level also has several mini-games which include matching pairs, counting items and finding hidden shapes among others. These games can be played multiple times to increase difficulty level and challenge players further.

In addition to providing an entertaining learning experience, ABCD2 also helps develop memory skills and hand-eye coordination in young learners. Furthermore, it offers support for up to four players so kids can play together or compete against one another while having fun at the same time!

Overall, ABCD2 is a great educational app for both parents and children alike who want to have some quality family time while teaching important concepts like phonics, vocabulary building and problem solving skills in an enjoyable manner. With its attractive visuals and interactive gameplay mechanics, this game promises hours of entertainment along with valuable lessons about language development and literacy.

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