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Your fortress is in danger the territory has to be defended from the Vikings. The war is not just for victory, it is a survival challenge.

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The strategy game genre has become quite popular in recent times. Players can strategize battle tactics, closely examine the crucial aspects of tower defense, graphics, and details sculpted on miniature characters, and the game environment offers a different experience. Bad North: Jotunn Edition game has been created keeping all these aspects in mind.

Game Story

The story depicts a kingdom situated in the middle of the sea, where humans peacefully live their lives. Only then do the Vikings arrive and destroy everything. By taking possession of the empire, they kill the kingdom’s king. Now this place has become an isolated place full of chaos. As the last surviving descendant of your domain, you must do your duty and protect your motherland and people from those Vikings.

About The Game

The Bad North: Jotunn Edition game is a strategy game based on tower defense. Preparing your army for protection to face Viking invaders from across the sea. Throwing your solder on the battlefield, providing them with an arsenal of weapons, and keeping reinforcements ready, upgrades are your first responsibility.

As simple as this game looks, the policies adopted in it, creating defenses when attacked, encourage even more to play it. Like the rest of the tower defense games, in the Bad North game, as soon as the attackers are suspected. The troopers automatically issue attacks to protect themselves. The real challenging task of the game is the large area of ​​the island; with no idea of ​​the number of invaders, it seems impossible to predict from where they will attack.

Bad North

Staying under the watch of the opportunity, they will attack and selectively eliminate the citizens living there, including the city’s buildings. Your entire focus should be on devising a decisive strategy so that your fort is firmly protect against attack.

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Warriors, you have to keep fighting, not to show off any wealth or power, but with the hope of achieving the glory that is bound to you by the people of your town.

Key Features of the Game

Military Units

As the game progresses, your military units grow as new content is unlocked. Inside the Bad, North game are three central units: Infantry, Archer, and Pike, and a basic unit is Militia. They are experts in raw melee damage, while the other three are stronger/weaker, depending on the situation.

Infantry: The infantry intercepts moving arrows and sometimes melee attacks, making them the main unit. They are deploy to defend against the deadliest units (Commander, Archer, Militia)

Archer: Archers are used to reducing enemy forces’ hordes or eliminate the enemy while on the ship. Archers contribute the most to dealing with spearmen.

Pikes: Pikes perform at their best at choke points, and on slopes, pikes can be effective in the absence of brutes.Bad NorthReal-Time Tactics

Deploying troops to intercept Viking’s ships largely decides victory in the Bad North: Jotunn Edition game. It is crucial to fight the war in a planned manner to protect yourself. Protective evacuation of civilians is the first duty of the army. If the commander dies, the game ends with everything lost.Bad NorthIncrease Strength to collect more Commanders

Players will find different maps in the Bad North game as a challenge, surrounded by the uncertainty of enemies. Departure on each island also strengthens the army by facing the enemy and gaining new commanders, reducing your chances of being victimized.Bad NorthUnlock Upgrades

Wars fought with the right strategy led to victory while opening the door to endless possibilities for new upgrades. To make your army durable and combat agile, upgrading the warriors on time in Bad North: Jotunn Edition game becomes necessary.Bad North

Final Words

Bad North: Jotunn Edition The game is based on the war that started in the race to save the island from Viking enemies. The king is no more; it is all up to you. You have to keep fighting until your victory is assure.

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