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Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a strategy game where you have to defend your tower.

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More About Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Name Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Package Name
Category Strategy  
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 6.1.13
Size 233.9 MB
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Last Updated September 20, 2023

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk is a classic strategy game where you need to defend your tower. The concept behind this game is simple but it is a very interesting game and everyone should play this. Stop and eliminate your enemies out, don’t let them destroy your tower. This game is not the same as the story described in Kingdom Rush Frontiers comics.

There is four defense tower in this game, the magical tower is very stronger. In magical tower a wizard lives who don’t let the enemies destroy your base. Arrow tower has souls of dead archers who attacks quickly on enemies but damaging power is not that much high. The turret can fire for a long range but it takes some time to reload. Barracks produces a group of three which are really deadly ones but they are easily destroyed by the boss of enemies.

Overall everything in this game is perfect in its own way. You need to have a good strategy if you want to win over your opponents. The map is very large, as we move from one place to another we travel through different habitats. You will be able to see rainforest where there are giant trees and lots of greenery, your enemies can hind in bushes and they can deal lots of damage to you.

The player enjoys the beautiful scenes of rainforests, deserts, islands, water bodies, active volcanoes and much more. Isn’t it awesome? So many places to explore in the same game. Different types of enemies live in a different type of place. This game brings new challenges every time when you play it. You will be totally engaged after you start playing it. Its one of the best game to kill your free time.

Download Kingdom rush Frontiers Apk Latest Version for Android

To make this game more challenging and interesting developers have introduced many new features which you will never find in any other game. Different enemies have their own special abilities, powers, heath attacking range and many other factors. The game also features 16 different heroes which can be upgraded to a maximum of a level 10. Heros are very strong and can do anything for their masters. If enemies are in a group then you can use fireballs to deal critical damage to all of them at once. I think after reading this article till here you are excited to download this game now on your android phone. We have shared the direct download link for Kingdom Rush Frontiers latest version Apk below in this article. Feel the heat and start fighting like a real warrior.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Latest Version Apk Features

There are lots of features of this game, I will personally recommend you to give it a try. Before that check out all its features yourself. It is not possible for me to mention all the features of this game because the list will be never-ending. I will try to provide all main features of Kingdom Frontiers game in this list so now without wasting much time in discussion lets check it out.

  • Special units and troops which are same as mentioned in the comic. This game is designed in the best way it could be. In the latest update, Black Dragon has been also added to the troops. Black Dragon is very powerful and it can destroy half your opponent’s force alone.
  • Amazing graphics and visual effects followed by excellent sound effects.
  • You can set archer tower hight to min and maximum as per your choice. It deals less damage when the range is set high and high damage when the range is set to least.
  • A perfect time killing game which will never let you feel bored. More than 70 achievements in the game, try to your best to achieve them all.
  • Three different modes available Classic, Iron and heroic. Switch to another mode when to enjoy different game modes.

Take your android game playing experience to its top level. There are very few good games to play are available on play store, so when we are providing you the opportunity to get a good game on your mobile don’t waste it simply. After reading these stunning features I am sure you have stepped up your mind to download Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk on your smartphone.

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk

After reading Features list shared above, many people get excited to download and play this game on their smartphone. Maybe you are one of those. If you are, then let you know you don’t need to search here and there for Kingdom Rush Frontiers. We have shared a download link just below from where you can download it with a single click.

It is the latest version of Kingdom Rush Frontiers game. You will always stay up to date with the latest version through this download button. So, you should bookmark this page to get regular updates on time. Whenever any new version gets released in future, we will update it here or you can check Version Info shared in starting of the article. Let’s come to the requirements to play kingdom rush frontiers game on Android.

Requirements to Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Do you know what are the minimum requirements to play this amazing game? If no then no need to worry as we are going to share a list of all the required items. But, first of all, let you know there are no such special requirements so you can easily play this game on your Android phone. Have a look at this list.

  • Android Phone (Running on 4.0 and higher Android version)
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk (Download link shared above)
  • RAM (1GB or higher)

These are the requirements for Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Let me ask, is there anything special in these things? I don’t think so. Nowadays, every Android phone has these capabilities. Now, whenever you are ready with mentioned required things, you can install the game on your phone. Below we have shared the installation steps too.

How to Install Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk on Android?

Don’t worry there is nothing new thing you need to do for installing Kingdom Rush Apk file on your android device. If you have not installed any apk file on android earlier you may be worrying how you will be able to this game. Relax and sit back I will help you out to do this. Mostly Android users use play store for downloading applications and games. So let’s start our guide, follow each step as shown below to get the game out of apk file.

  • First of download Kingdom Rush Frontiers apk file from here.
  • After successful download, search for the downloaded Apk, you will get it in the download folder.
  • Click on the Apk file and then tap on “Install” button.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Install Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  • Now installation process will start, it will take hardly few secs to finish.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Installation Started
  • Now you have successfully installed the game on your phone.
  • Click on Open button and the game will start playing on your device.
Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Open Kingdom Rush Frontiers

That’s all you have to do for installing the game out of apk file. I think it is very easy to do this and no one faces any problem in installation part.

Final Words

That’s was all about Kingdom Rush Frontiers Apk I think you have loved reading this article. Share this cool game with your friends and compete with them. Experience the real thrill and excitement of a real fight between warriors in game. If you are facing any problem or have any suggestion for us then comment below in the comment section.

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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