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Dafont is an android app that provides a vast collection of stylish and unique fonts for users to use in their social media posts, messages, and other creative projects.

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Name Dafont
Package Name app.kousick.dafonts
Category Arts & Design  
Version 30.0.0
Size 8.5 MB
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Last Updated September 3, 2023

What is Dafont?

Dafont APK for Android is an innovative and convenient way to access the world of fonts on your mobile device. It offers a comprehensive selection of over 30,000 free font families from some of the most renowned designers in typography today.

With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly search through thousands of typefaces with just one tap or swipe – making it easier than ever before to find exactly what you’re looking for when creating something special online or offline.


DaFont also allows users to customize their own personal library by adding favourite fonts that they use often so they’ll always be available at hand whenever needed without having to re-download them each time. Additionally, there are helpful tools such as character maps which allow users to explore all possible characters within any given font family and even test out how different words look using various combinations – ensuring that every design project looks perfect!

Features of Dafont for Android

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to access your favourite fonts on the go? With the Dafont Android app, you can now enjoy all of their amazing features right from your phone.


Whether it’s browsing through thousands of unique font designs or customizing text with different styles, this powerful mobile application has everything that a typography enthusiast needs!

  • Access to a wide variety of fonts from the DaFont library.
  • Ability to preview font styles before downloading them.
  • Easy search functionality for finding specific fonts quickly and easily.
  • Option to save favourite fonts in an organized list for future reference or use.
  • Support for multiple languages including English, French, German and Spanish among others.
  • Push notifications alerting users when new updates are available on their installed apps/fonts.
  • Compatible with all versions of Android devices running 4+ OS versions.

Pros and Cons of Dafont:

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Allows users to browse through thousands of fonts quickly.
  • Offers a variety of font styles, from classic serifs to modern sans-serifs.
  • Includes both free and premium font options for download or purchase.
  • Compatible with all Android devices running 4.1+ OS versions.
  • Limited font selection compared to other apps.
  • Does not allow users to customize fonts or adjust the size of text.
  • Can be slow and unresponsive at times.
  • Users cannot save their work for later use.
  • Ads can sometimes appear in between usage, which is annoying.

FAQs Regarding Dafont for Android.

Welcome to the DaFont FAQ page! Here, you can find answers to common questions about the company and its APK. At DaFont, we strive to provide our customers with a quality product that is easy to use and secure.


Our team of experts have put together this guide so that users can get the most out of their experience when using our app on Android devices. We hope these frequently asked questions will help make your time with us more enjoyable!

Q: What is DaFont APK?

A: DaFont APK (Android Package Kit) is a free application that allows users to easily browse, download and install fonts from the popular website dafont.com directly on their Android device. The app features an intuitive interface that allows you to quickly find your desired font by searching through categories or typing in keywords into its search bar.


Additionally, it also provides helpful information about each font such as author name, license type and file size before downloading them onto your phone or tablet for use with any compatible apps like Microsoft Word Mobile or Adobe Photoshop Express etc..

Q: How do I get started using DaFont APK?

A: To begin using this app firstly make sure that you have installed the latest version of Google Play Store on your Android device since this will be needed for installing third-party applications like daFont APK.


Then simply open up Google Play Store, search “DaFont apk” then click “install”. Once the installation process has been completed successfully launch the App where one can start browsing thousands of beautiful typography designs available at Dafont Library!

Q: Are there any restrictions when downloading fonts via Dafont Apk?

A: Yes – all downloaded files must adhere strictly to copyright laws which means they cannot be used commercially without prior permission from authors/creators who own respective rights over those particular works.


Furthermore, some licenses may require attribution whenever these are being shared across different platforms so please read carefully the terms & conditions associated with every single item before proceeding further!


Dafont Apk is an excellent resource for anyone looking to add a unique and creative touch to their projects. With its vast selection of fonts, it’s easy to find one that perfectly fits the project at hand. The app also offers various customization options so users can adjust the font size, colour, and other features as needed.

Overall, DaFont provides a great way for people who are passionate about design or typography to easily access quality fonts with just a few clicks from any device they have handy – making life easier while creating beautiful works of art!

Reviewed by: Marissa

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