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Hola VPN is a free, peer-to-peer VPN service that provides users with secure and anonymous browsing.


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Name Hola VPN
Package Name org.hola
Category Tools  
Version ARM7A_1.184.486
Size 20.3 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated November 26, 2023

What is Hola Vpn?

The Hola VPN APK is a well-known VPN service for Android devices. It enables users to securely access websites and online services that might be restricted in their country. Additionally, it helps to keep their internet browsing activities private and protected from unwanted surveillance.

The app is easy to install through its APK file format, so it’s available even outside traditional app stores like Google Play Store. This makes Hola VPN accessible for people worldwide who want a simple way to protect their online presence or bypass geo-blocks.

Features of Hola VPN for Android

Hola VPN is an app for Android phones that lets you visit websites and use apps from different parts of the world. It helps to keep your internet activities safe and private, making it harder for others to see what you’re doing online.

With Hola VPN, you can also get around blocks that stop you from seeing certain content because of where you live. This means more videos, music, and other things are available no matter where you are. The app is easy to use; with just a tap on your screen, it works fast, so there’s not much waiting time when connecting or using its features.

  • Hide your IP address.
  • Access blocked websites and apps.
  • Change your virtual location to another country.
  • Secure Wi-Fi hotspot connection with encryption.
  • Fast servers for streaming content.
  • Easy to use with a one-click connect button.

Pros and Cons of Hola VPN:

  • Easy to use: Hola VPN has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Free version available: Users can access basic features without paying.
  • No sign-up is required for the free version: You can start using it right away. No personal details are needed.
  • Unblock websites and apps: It helps you get around blocks on certain sites or content.
  • Peer-to-peer technology: This allows the service to offer a free tier by sharing idle resources of users’ devices.
  • Worldwide servers: Access lots of virtual locations from different countries.

  • Not very secure: Hola VPN uses peer-to-peer technology, which can expose users to security risks.
  • Privacy concerns: It logs and tracks user activities, raising privacy issues.
  • Uses your device as a relay: Your device could be used by others for their internet traffic without you knowing it.
  • Slower speeds: Sharing bandwidth with other users can lead to slower connection speeds.
  • Limited features in the free version compared to the paid versions of other VPN apps.

FAQs Regarding Hola Vpn for Android.

Hola VPN APK is a popular virtual private network service that lets you access websites and apps worldwide by changing your online location. Many people use it to get past internet blocks or to keep their browsing safe and private.

Q: Is Hola VPN free?

A: Yes, there’s a free version of Hola VPN available. However, it has some limits, like less speed and fewer features than the paid version, Hola Premium.

Q: How do I install the Hola VPN APK on my Android device?

A: To install it:

1. Download the .apk file from our website.
2. Open settings on your mobile.
3. Go into ‘Security’ or ‘Privacy’.
4. Turn on ‘Unknown sources’.
5. Find where you downloaded the .apk file and tap it to start installing.
6. Remember, after installation, turn off “unknown source” for security reasons

Remember: Only download apps from places you trust to avoid harmful software!

Q: Can I use this anywhere in the world?

A: Mostly yes, but sometimes not because few countries have rules against using such services, so check if it’s okay wherever you’re at before using the Holla VPN apk.


In conclusion, the Hola VPN APK is a tool that allows users to access websites and online services from different parts of the world by changing their virtual location. Overall, if used wisely, Hola VPN can be a useful app for those looking to explore global content or protect their online activities.

Reviewed by: Laila Karbalai

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