How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone [2 Methods]

Updated on November 16, 2022

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone [2 Methods]

We are well aware of the features of WhatsApp. The social messaging app has gone through a lot of changes in these years. Now users can even make payments through WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been reckoned as the primary mode of communication.

Many small and medium enterprises are proliferating after the introduction of the WhatsApp business. Business owners have the option to promote their product through WhatsApp business. In the current ongoing pandemic situation, online transactions and digitalize modes of payment have grown multiple times.

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone

Most smartphone brands now offer dual SIM smartphones. A lot of people use a double sim in a smartphone and want to use two WhatsApp in a single smartphone. Many smartphone brands offer a feature by which a user can use two WhatsApp applications with two different numbers in a single smartphone.

These features are termed “dual apps”, “dual-mode” etc. Although a lot of smartphone doesn’t support this feature. Users of such smartphones are finding it difficult to use dual WhatsApp in their smartphones. Today we will be going to talk about, how we can use dual WhatsApp in a smartphone.

How To Use 2 WhatsApp In One Phone Using Dual Space

Certain smartphone brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, oppo, Vivo, and Huawei offer the option to clone an app. Users of these smartphone brands can simply use a dual app without any help from an app. Let get to know the process.

  • Open the smartphone menu and go to the setting.
  • Click on any of the options like dual messenger, dual apps, clone apps, app clone, twin app according to the particular brand of smartphone.
  • After selecting a particular option based on the smartphone brand user will see various options in the dual app setting.

Dual App Settings

  • Now the user needs to select the app for which he wants to create a clone. (In this scenario click on WhatsApp).

Dual App WhatsApp Clone

  • Now, wait for a while till the process finish.

Second WhatsApp App

  • Now user needs to go to the menu where another WhatsApp icon will appear.
  • Click on another WhatsApp icon to finish the registration process.

How To Use 2 WhatsApp In One Phone Using Parallel Space

To use dual WhatsApp in a smartphone, we will take the help of parallel space. Parallel space is an app that creates a clone of an app and users can use the clone app with a different number. Parallel space helps the user to use two different accounts in a single Android smartphone. so, let’s get to know about the step to use parallel space to run dual WhatsApp.

  • First of all, go to the play store and search Parallel space.
  • Click on the first app in the search results.
  • Users need to install the parallel space application on their smartphones.
  • Click on the install button next to the parallel space icon.

Parallel Space App

  • After installation of the app, the user also needs to install “parallel space 64-bit support”. Most smartphones now come with a 64bit chipset. Parallel space 64-bit support will help the app “parallel space” to run smoothly in a 64-bit chipset smartphone.
  • After installation of both the apps, the user should go to the menu and look for the “parallel space”, click on the app, and Wait for a while till opening.

Setup Parallel Space App

  • After granting all the permissions, users will see an interface of the parallel space application. Here the user needs to add an app for which he wants to create a clone.

WhatsApp Parallel Space App

  • Click on the add app option, a new menu will open where the user can see various apps.
  • Now the user needs to scroll down and look for the application WhatsApp.
  • After finding out the app, click on the add option under the WhatsApp icon.
  • Users must make sure that he\she has allowed all the permissions in order to the proper functioning of the app.

Add WhatsApp Parallel Space App

  • Now the user will see the WhatsApp icon on the homepage of parallel space.
  • Click on WhatsApp and grant respective permissions.

WhatsApp Parallel Space Allow

  • Click on agree and continue on WhatsApp and enter the other unregistered number.
  • After completing the registration process, the user will have access to two different WhatsApp in a single smartphone.

Before going out of the app, the user must make sure to on notification option of parallel space application.

Final Words

There are a lot of ways to use dual WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can use GBWhatsApp on your phone for two WhatsApp. Users can try any of them. Although, the steps we have discussed above are the most genuine and work all the time. By following the steps above steps, a user can easily use dual WhatsApp on a smartphone without any inconvenience. Parallel space is the most used app for running dual WhatsApp on a smartphone. It is one of the oldest and widely used applications for cloning an app.