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Huawei Salud helps you track your health stats and provides professional guidance.

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Name Huawei Salud
Package Name
Category Health & Fitness  
Size 148.7 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated July 12, 2024

Do you want to start your fitness and healthy lifestyle and are currently in search of an app which provides all the necessary guidance and tracks your habits? Huawei Salud apk is exactly what you are looking for. This app provides all major health stats and tools that help track the distance you ran or walked, heat beat, Pulse, blood oxygen and much more.

Huawei Salud Apk

The best way to use this app is to add any external device, such as a smartwatch and connect it with Bluetooth. You can easily get all stats from your smart watch in this app. Huawei Salud Apk not only works on Huawei devices but also on android devices. To use this app on Android, you must choose the beta version as it has more features and is highly compatible with android smartphones.

Huawei Salud Apk

Through Smartwatch, you can get the exact heart rate, resting rate, Pulse and much more. All data is stored accurately for longer periods. You can check your weekly and monthly average, Maximum and minimum of every stat. Track your sleep status and get a healthy sleeping habits with this app. To check the steps of km walked, you must give location permission to use that feature.

Key Features of Huawei Salud Apk:

Huawei Salud is a health and fitness app developed by Huawei Internet Service. This app has amazing features, such as a pedometer, heart rate, sleep tracker, weight tracker and much more. To learn more about Huawei Salud App, read below:

Check your Health Stats

Huawei Salud Apk

Basic health stats like Calories burned, Heart Rate, Pulse, Blood Oxygen Level, Resting rate, Sleep cycle and much more can be recorded and tracked. This app provides effective plans to have a healthy lifestyle for free after signing up. You can set your goals and track progress easily with Huawei Salud App.

Track KMs and Steps

Huawei Salud Apk

There are multiple modes to track your steps in this app. You can click whether you are walking indoors, outdoors, cycling or mixed of both walking and running with intervals. Everything can be tracked and recorded in this app. Kimolemetrrs covered, Pace, Time, Calories burned, and many other stats are available to get in-depth knowledge about your fitness.

Add External Devices

Huawei Salud Apk

You can add both Huawei and non-Huawei devices with this app. First, start Bluetooth of both divides and add it to this app. The most used external device is a smartwatch which tracks heart rate, and steps walked.

Track Plans and Achievements

Huawei Salud Apk

You can set a plan in advance and get guidance from the Huawei Health App. The achievements are set in advance and can be unlocked by walking extra steps or burning high amounts of calories in a day or week. All your recorded data can be found in my data. You can also delete your data to start again from zero.

Track your Weight

Huawei Salud Apk

Record your weight data daily and track the weight gain or loss after some weeks or months to examine the progress. This app shows the average, max, and minimum data for Week, Month and Year.

Examine Heart Rate

Huawei Salud Apk

Generally, Huawei Salud Apk only records the Heart rate. You have to add an external device to examine the real-time heart rate. All data from external devices gets recorded in this app.

Accurate Sleep Data

Huawei Salud Apk

You can manually add the sleep data or choose the Huawei Salud app to automatically record your sleep sound quality either from external devices such as smart watches or bands. You can also use this app to examine your sleep and record the data automatically.

Dark Mode

This app has four themes: light, dark, orange and violet. The dark theme helps eliminate harmful blue light radiation, which burns the eyes and causes irritation.


Huawei Salud Apk is a health and fitness companion that helps track your health. You can also add wearable devices such as a smartwatch to track your heart rate, steps and kilometres while running. This app records your daily activity, such as sleep, calorie intake and weight. After second all health and fitness related activities it provides an in-depth stats. Download Huawei Salud App and manage your health and fitness with technology.

Reviewed by: Bethany Jones

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