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Lark Player is a free music player for Android devices with powerful audio and video features.

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Name Lark Player
Package Name com.dywx.larkplayer
Category Music  
Version 6.02.6
Size 24.6 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated June 12, 2024

What is Lark Player?

Lark Player APK is an all-inclusive multimedia player for Android devices that provides users with a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. It offers support for multiple audio formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG and FLAC as well as video playback of AVI files in addition to streaming radio stations from around the world.

Music Player &MP3

The app also boasts advanced features such as 10 band equalizer settings which allow you to customize your listening experience according to personal preference or genre of music being played; gapless playback so songs play without interruption even when switching between tracks; folder browsing capabilities allowing quick access into specific folders containing media content on device storage/SD card memory etc.

Music Player &MP3

Playlist creation & management functions enable easy organization of favourite tunes among other useful options like setting sleep timers while playing music during bedtime hours. Whether it’s enjoying some classic hits stored locally or discovering new sounds by tuning into online radio streams – Lark Player has got you covered!

Features of Lark Player for Android

Lark Player is an Android app that offers a powerful and feature-rich music experience. It provides users with access to millions of songs, all within one easy-to-use interface. With its intuitive design and advanced features, Lark Player makes it simple for anyone to find their favourite tunes or discover new ones quickly and easily.

Music Player &MP3

From custom playlists tailored just for you to the ability to stream from multiple sources at once – including YouTube Music – there’s something here for everyone who loves listening to music on the go!

  • High-quality audio playback with equalizer and bass boost features.
  • Supports almost all popular music formats, such as MP3, WMA, AAC etc.
  • Download videos from YouTube or other video sites directly to the app for offline viewing.
  • Create playlists of your favourite songs/videos in one place and easily access them anytime you want without having to search again every time.
  • Stream online radio stations within the app itself on any type of internet connection (WiFi / 3G).
  • Built-in sleep timer so that it can automatically turn off after a certain period when playing music/video files during bedtime hours or while sleeping at night.
  • Easily share media content with friends via social networks like Facebook & Twitter right from within the Lark Player Android App interface itself.

Pros and Cons of Lark Player:

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Free with no ads or in-app purchases.
  • Supports multiple audio/video formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC & FLAC.
  • Offers a wide range of features such as equalizer settings for sound enhancement and playback speed control.
  • Can play videos from YouTube directly within the app.
  • Allows users to create their own music library by downloading songs from online sources like SoundCloud.

Music Player &MP3

  • Limited customization options.
  • Ads can be intrusive and disruptive during playback.
  • No option to add external subtitles.
  • Interface is not very intuitive or user-friendly.
  • Does not support Chromecast, Airplay or other streaming devices.

FAQs Regarding Lark Player for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Lark Player! This powerful music player and streaming service is a great way to listen, watch, create playlists of your favourite songs, and discover new artists.

Music Player &MP3

With its intuitive design and robust features such as lyrics support, audio effects customization options, gapless playback capabilities & more – this app makes it easy for you to enjoy your tunes in style. In addition, we’ve answered some commonly asked questions about using our app so that you can get started right away with listening or creating awesome content on the go!

Q: What is Lark Player?

A: Lark Player is a free music and video player app available for Android devices. It offers an intuitive user interface, advanced playback features such as gapless audio support, equalizer presets, sleep timer and more.

The app also allows you to stream online content from YouTube or SoundCloud with no ads interrupting your listening experience. Additionally, it supports sharing of songs via email or social media platforms like Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp. You can even create playlists on the go!

Music Player &MP3

Q: How do I install Lark Player Apk?

A: Installing the apk file of this application requires that you enable installation from unknown sources in your device’s settings menu first (Settings > Security). Once enabled simply download the latest version onto your phone/tablet directly through our website.

Then open up File Manager App on your Android device then locate where the downloaded APK was stored usually under the “Downloads” folder; tap to launch the installation process by tapping the Install button when prompted during the setup wizard steps until a completion message appears indicating success status.


The Lark Player Apk is an excellent music player that can help users enjoy their favourite songs, albums and artists. It has a wide variety of features such as custom playlists, gapless playback support for lossless audio formats like FLAC and ALAC, 10-band equalizer with preamp gain control to customize the sound quality according to user preference.

Additionally, it also supports multiple languages so no matter where you are from or what language you speak this app will be able to accommodate your needs in terms of accessing great music content without any hassle at all! All these features make Lark Player one of the best apps available on Android devices today.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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