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NetBoom Apk is a cloud gaming platform that allows users to stream and play high-quality PC games on their mobile devices.

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Name NetBoom
Package Name com.netboom.cloudgaming.vortex_stadia_shadow_geforce
Category Entertainment  
Size 47.3 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated November 25, 2023

What is Netboom?

Netboom APK for Android is a revolutionary cloud gaming platform that offers users an unprecedented level of convenience and access to their favourite PC games. With Netboom, gamers can now enjoy the latest AAA titles from anywhere in the world with just one click on any compatible device running Android OS.

The intuitive user interface allows players to quickly browse through thousands of available game options before making their selection – all without needing expensive hardware or software downloads.

Netboom Apk

In addition, Netboom’s advanced streaming technology ensures smooth performance regardless of network connection speed while its expansive library includes popular genres such as action-adventure, simulation racing and more!

Whether you’re looking for classic favourites like Grand Theft Auto V or something new entirely; there’s no better way than using this innovative app to instantly jump into your next great adventure!

Features of Netboom for Android

Netboom is an Android app that allows users to play high-quality PC and console games on their mobile device. With its cutting-edge streaming technology, Netboom brings the best of gaming straight into your pocket with no lag or latency issues.

Netboom Apk

Whether you’re a casual gamer who wants to experience some classic titles, or a hardcore enthusiast looking for the latest releases in AAA gaming – Netboom has something for everyone!

  • Access to over 1000+ PC games on mobile devices.
  • High-end gaming experience with ultra-low latency and high frame rates.
  • Cloud streaming technology for smooth, lag-free gameplay.
  • Support of multiple game controllers including Xbox One/360, PS4 DualShock 4 & more.
  • Play seamlessly across different platforms like Android TV, Amazon FireTV etc.
  • Ability to record your own in-game videos while playing any title from the library.
  • Create custom profiles and save progress automatically so you can pick up where you left off anytime later.

Pros and Cons of Netboom:

  • Allows users to play AAA-quality PC games on their Android devices with no lag.
  • Offers a wide selection of popular and classic titles from top gaming publishers like Ubisoft, EA, Capcom etc., at an affordable price.
  • Features cloud streaming technology that allows for smooth gameplay even when playing over cellular data connections or low bandwidth Wi-Fi networks.
  • Includes exclusive content such as new levels and characters not available in the original versions of some games.
  • Provides access to multiplayer modes so gamers can challenge each other online or compete against AI opponents offline without having to purchase additional hardware components like consoles or controllers.

Netboom Apk

  • Limited availability – Netboom is only available in certain countries, so not everyone can access it.
  • Expensive subscription fees – The cost of the monthly membership may be too expensive for some people to afford.
  • Lack of game variety – While there are many games on offer, they all tend to belong to a few genres and might become repetitive after a while.
  • Poor graphics quality– Many users have complained about the low-quality graphics compared with other gaming platforms like PC or console versions of games.
  • Potential security risks – As this app requires permission from your device before you can play any game, there could be potential privacy issues if data is shared without consent.

FAQs Regarding Netboom for Android.

Netboom is an innovative cloud gaming platform that allows gamers to play high-end PC games on their mobile devices. With its simple and intuitive user interface, Netboom makes it easy for anyone to access the latest titles from top publishers without having a powerful computer or console.

Netboom Apk

This FAQ will provide answers to some of the most common questions about this revolutionary app so you can get started playing your favourite games right away!

Q: What is NetBoom?

A: NetBoom is an Android app that allows you to play PC games on your smartphone or tablet. It provides access to a library of popular titles from the world’s top game publishers, including Steam and Epic Games.

With this application, users can enjoy gaming experiences with full mouse/keyboard control support as well as high-end graphics optimization for mobile devices. Additionally, it offers cloud streaming technology so players can stream their favourite games without having to download them first onto their devices.

Netboom Apk

Q: How do I get started using Netboom?

A: To start playing on NetBoom all you need are two things; an active internet connection (WiFi or cellular) and the latest version of our app installed on your compatible device (Android 5+).

Once those requirements have been met simply launch up the App Store page where we offer both free trials & paid subscriptions depending upon what type of experience best suits each individual user’s needs!

Netboom Apk

After signing in with either Google Play account credentials or creating a new one directly within our platform just select any title available under the “My Library” tab located at the bottom right corner – this will take you through the setup process which includes downloading the necessary files before launching into gameplay session itself!

Finally once everything has finished loading properly go ahead and explore the vast selection of genres across multiple platforms while enjoying smooth performance optimised specifically for smartphones and tablets alike.


Netboom Apk is an excellent app for gamers who want to play their favorite PC games on the go. It offers a wide range of gaming options and features, making it easy to find something that suits your tastes.

With its intuitive user interface and high-quality graphics, Netboom makes playing video games enjoyable no matter where you are or what device you’re using. Whether you prefer single-player campaigns or intense multiplayer battles, this app has something for everyone – so don’t hesitate to give it a try!

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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