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Rave Apk allows users to sync and stream videos in real-time, creating a virtual party experience with friends and global communities.

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Name Rave
Package Name com.wemesh.android
Category Entertainment  
Version 6.0.4
Size 93.9 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated June 5, 2024

What is a Rave?

Rave APK for Android is a revolutionary new way to watch movies and TV shows with friends. With this app, you can easily connect up to 10 people from anywhere in the world so that everyone can join together virtually and enjoy their favourite films or series at the same time.

The best part? It’s free! You don’t have to worry about paying extra fees just because your friend lives far away – Rave lets you invite them over without spending any money on travel costs. Plus, it has an intuitive user interface designed specifically for watching parties; no matter who’s hosting or joining along, they’ll be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Rave apk

And if someone wants something different than what others are watching? No problem: each person gets their own screen where they can pick whatever show or movie suits them best while still being connected with all of the other viewers through chat rooms built into every session!

So why wait another second when there’s already such an amazing tool available right now? Download Rave today and start having fun connecting with family members near & far by sharing some quality entertainment together like never before possible!

Features of Rave for Android

Rave is an Android app that allows you to watch movies and TV shows with friends, no matter where they are. With Rave-Watch Party, you can create a virtual movie theatre experience by syncing up multiple devices for group viewing of your favourite films or series in real-time.

Rave apk

You can also chat with other viewers while watching the show together! So invite your friends over virtually and enjoy a night out without leaving home all thanks to Rave’s innovative technology.

  • Create a watch party with friends and family using the Rave Android app.
  • Invite up to 20 people in your private room for an unforgettable movie night or any other video streaming experience.
  • Synchronize playback of videos across all devices connected to the same session, allowing everyone to enjoy watching together at once without buffering delays.
  • Chat during movies/videos with an interactive text chat feature that allows you to share reactions while watching content simultaneously from different locations around the world!
  • Share YouTube & Vimeo links directly into rooms so others can join easily by clicking on them instead of typing long URLs manually every time someone wants to join in late!
  • Stream music from SoundCloud, Spotify etc., right within the rave app and listen along as a group – no need for separate apps anymore when it comes to listening to songs together online!
  • Enjoy seamless integration between multiple platforms like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitch TV etc. so users don’t have to switch back and forth trying to find something interesting to watch.

Pros and Cons of Rave:

  • Allows users to watch movies and shows with friends in real-time from anywhere.
  • Provides a private chat room for each party, allowing everyone to communicate easily without disrupting the movie or show.
  • Includes features like pausing, rewinding, fast forwarding and adjusting the volume of all participants at once so that no one is left behind while watching together.
  • Offers an easy way to invite people by sharing a link via text message or social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp etc., which eliminates any need for downloading additional apps/software on their device before joining the Watch Party session.
  • Supports multiple streaming services including Netflix, Hulu Plus Live TV (beta), Amazon Prime Video (beta) and more – giving you access to thousands of titles across different genres!

Rave apk

  • The app is only available for Android users, leaving out iOS users.
  • It requires a high-speed internet connection to stream the content smoothly and without interruption.
  • There are limited options of movies or TV shows that can be watched in this app as compared to other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.
  • Users have reported issues with buffering and lagging while using the Rave – Watch Party Android App which disrupts their viewing experience significantly.

FAQs Regarding Rave for Android.

Welcome to the FAQs section for Rave! This app allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and videos with friends in a virtual movie theatre. With this revolutionary new way of watching content together online from anywhere around the world, it’s no wonder that so many people are talking about it.

Rave apk

Here we’ll answer some common questions about how Rave works and what features make it unique among streaming services. So if you’re looking for more information on how to get started or just want to learn more about all that Rave has to offer – read on!

Q: What is Rave?

A: Rave is an app that allows users to watch videos and movies together with friends, family, or anyone in the world. It enables you to sync up multiple devices so everyone can view a video at the same time from different locations.

Rave apk

You can also chat while watching any type of content on YouTube, Netflix, Twitch & Vimeo as well as share your own media files like photos and music for all participants to enjoy simultaneously!

Q: How do I use Rave?

A: To get started using Rave simply download it onto your device (available for both iOS and Android) then create a ‘room’ by entering either one of their supported streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix etc, along with some details about what kind of room you would like e.g. public/private access settings.

Rave apk

Invite other people via email address/social networks etc.; choose which audio track will be used during playback; set whether picture-in-picture mode should be enabled or not. Once these options are configured hit the start button & voila! Now just sit back relax & have fun enjoying whatever show/movie was chosen.


The Rave Apk is a great way to stay connected with friends and family while still enjoying the fun of watching movies together. It allows users to watch videos, chat in real-time, share reactions and even play games all from one convenient app.

With its easy-to-use interface, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to this innovative platform for their entertainment needs. Whether you’re looking for an interactive movie night or just want some quality time spent with your loved ones – Rave has got you covered!

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