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Soy Rappi Apk helps riders and dispatchers get orders online and earn money.

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Name Soy Rappi
Package Name com.rappi.storekeeper
Category Lifestyle  
Version 8.1.20240608-35620
Size 318.4 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated June 14, 2024

Soy Rappi Apk helps you become the delivery ally of the Rappi and earn weekly payments and exciting incentives. You can work anytime and from anywhere from Soy Rappi Apk. To start your work, login into the app and click on search for next delivery. You can easily earn, on average, $5 pesos per delivery. On a productive day, you can get 2-3 delivery on average per hour.

Soy Rappi Apk

You can choose when you want to work without any restrictions. The more hours you will stay login, the more order you can get. All Soy Rappi drivers get at least a $1 pesos tip for on-time delivery. Soy Rappi Apk is the most popular delivery app in Latin America.

Features of Soy Rappi Apk:

Soy Rappi Apk

  • Deliver parcels and earn money: If you deliver on time, then you can get $5 per delivery, where $1 will be an incentive or Tip. You can easily get around 2-3 delivery per hour; the more you stay on duty, the higher the chances of receiving delivery. 
  • Control Order Flow: If you don’t want to order due to some work or problems, you can off your duty directly from your app. The delivery work in Soy Rappi is so flexible that you can take breaks whenever you want. If you want more order flow, be consistent and stay on duty.
  • Track your Earnings: You can track each order as well as earn earnings. All your earnings will be divided into actual earnings, incentives and tips. You can take out money from the app to your bank whenever you want. Add a bank account to your Soy Rappi account to get money instantly in your bank account.
  • Find Maps with more orders: You can easily find locations where more orders drop and reach there to get more order flow.
  • Receive Tips and Additional Earnings: When you perform a better task or fast delivery, the chances of getting incentives are more. You will almost always get tips per delivery.

How to create an account in Soy Rappi Apk?

You can only use this app if you are currently living in Latin American countries. When you download this app, it will ask for location permission. Once you provide your location permission, then you have to allow all other permission, such as calling and messaging. Then you will come to the create new account page in Soy Rappi Apk.

Soy Rappi

Enter your Mobile number or Email. Then set the exact location with the help of GPS. If you had added your mobile number, you’d have to repeat the same number and add your email. Adding a Phone number and Email Address is compulsory to create an account. Add a password to open an account. Make sure the password consists of at least one capital letter, number and special character.

Soy Rappi

To open the account, you will have to enter the OTP sent in the mobile number that you have added to Soy Rappi Apk. Accept all terms and conditions. Then create a profile where you have to add all your personal details such as photos, driving license and Identity card.

Soy Rappi

Once your account is set, you can click on get orders, and within 10-15 mins, you will start getting your first order. If you are unable to understand how to use the app, you can use the Help button or reach the nearby Rappi office. In case you are stuck with the parcel and unable to deliver, then you can use the energy option, and another delivery p[person will take that parcel from you to deliver from your location.


Soy Rappi Apk is a delivery app by Rappi Inc. Now you can become your own boss by working with Soy Rappi. This app works in all Latin American countries. You can earn more with Soy Rappi as compared to other menial jobs. Set your time frame and gets orders from the location wherever you want. Download Soy Rappi Apk and earn money by delivering packages.

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