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Tor Browser is the safest web browser which gives freedom to use blocked websites.

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Name Tor Browser
Package Name org.torproject.torbrowser
Category Tools  
Version 115.2.1-release (13.0.14)
Size 106.2 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated April 19, 2024

Are you in search of a browser where you can open banned websites and keep your data safe? Tor Browser Apk is highly regarded as one of the most secure browsing apps generally used to search dark web websites. This Browser always works on VPN and changes every 2-5 minutes randomly to give you the safest browsing experience.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser Apk provides all the features which we basically need in a perfect web browser app. You can say the incognito mode is safe, but still, there has been news about data theft which is common. To tackle data theft Tor Browser use its secure network which helps your browse safer and makes you available to all banned websites around the world with its VPN.

Tor Browser

The download speed is slower than other browsers as VPN and security make it hard to keep the network fast. You can the browsers from mobile to desktop mode in this app. There are lots of default search engines available in this app to choose from. With access to developer tools, you can easily edit the app settings backend and make it run as per your choice. Further details on the Kiwi browser app are given below! 

Key Features of Tor Browser Apk:

Kiwi Browser is known for its safety and privacy. This app blocks all users and ads from reading the device details and location. If you use Tor Browser, you can never get hacked or tricked. This app is tried and tested on its safe browsing. Read detailed features of Tor Browser Apk below:

Secure Browsing:

Unlike other famous browsers, this app keeps your device isolated from browsing. Unwanted Ads and websites take your basic details such as device location, user name, mobile name and much more. But on Tor Browser, no one can find your data, unlike in incognito mode.

Create Homepage Shortcuts:

Tor Browser

You can create shortcuts for this browser and also change the homepage settings in this app. You can set what you want on your opening screen. Users can also add wallpaper in this browser, unlike other browsing apps.

Choose your favourite search Engine:

Tor Browser APk

There are many browsers available, but none of them has the ability to change its search engine service. On Tor Browser Apk, you can choose your favourite web browser. You can also add new search engines to this app. There are currently nine preset search engines in Tor Browser App.

Customise your browser

Tor Browser

This app has three themes: Light, Dark and Device theme. Having dark mode is necessary as it saves our eyesight from harmful radiation coming out from smartphones. You can also change the toolbar location from Top to Bottom. You can add gestures to hide the toolbar from the main app when you scroll.

Save Passwords:

On Tor Browser Apk, you can save the password with one click. Saving passwords helps you in logging in separate accounts easily. It’s impossible to remember all passwords. Tor Browser helps to keep all passwords safe and remember them when it shows the login and password page.

Change app language

There are 30+ languages available to choose from in this app. It’s always better to use a browser in your own native language that helps to understand things easily.

VPN Enabled Browsing

When you open Tor Browser, the VPN start running, and you can find the origin of the country according to Tor VPN in the toolbar. The Network location changes all the time without your interference to provide safe browsing.


Kiwi Browser is the best browsing app where you can choose your favourite search engines. This browser is safe to use as the data is not tracked when you use certain search engines like DuckDuckGo and other safe browsers. The download speed is also amazing. The Kiwi browser app doesn’t take much internet data and helps you save data in case your country has expensive internet.

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