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Uber Driver Apk provides an easy, safe and convenient way to earn extra money by driving riders to their destination.

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Name Uber Driver
Package Name com.ubercab.driver
Category Business  
Version 4.473.10002
Size 205.1 MB
Requires Android 8.0 and up
Last Updated May 15, 2024

Uber Driver APK is an Android application that provides a convenient way for drivers to manage their Uber accounts and earn money on the go. It allows users to easily access all of their account information, such as driver ratings, earnings history, payment methods and more – so they can always stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of ridesharing.

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With its intuitive design and user-friendly layout, it makes managing your driving business easier than ever before. Whether you’re just getting started or have been working as an Uber driver for some time now – this app has something valuable to offer everyone!

From setting fares & destinations quickly via GPS navigation tools; tracking trips taken & payments received; viewing customer feedback from previous customers; monitoring progress towards goals like achieving higher star rating levels or unlocking rewards programs – there’s no doubt that using the Uber Driver App will make life much simpler when out on those long drives!

Features of Uber Driver for Android

The Uber Driver app for Android is designed to make it easier than ever for drivers to manage their rideshare business. With features like the ability to track your earnings, view customer ratings and feedback set up automatic payments, and more – this app has everything you need as an Uber driver in one convenient place.

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  • The easy registration process for drivers.
  • Real-time notifications about new ride requests and trip status updates.
  • In-app navigation with turn-by-turn directions to pick up riders.
  • Ability to track earnings in the app dashboard.
  • Option of accepting or declining rides based on rider ratings, destination etc.
  • Accessible customer support 24/7 via phone, chat or email.
  • View upcoming trips and past trips easily from one place.

Pros and Cons of Uber Driver:

  • Provides drivers with an easy-to-use interface to manage their business.
  • Gives drivers access to all the necessary information they need, such as fare rates and driver ratings.
  • Allows for real-time tracking of trips so that riders can see where their Uber is at any given moment.
  • Offers helpful tips on how to maximize earnings by providing insights into areas with higher demand or surge pricing opportunities.
  • Includes a feature that allows customers and drivers alike to rate each other after every ride which helps build trust between both parties involved in the transaction.
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  • Drivers may be subject to long hours of driving and tiring shifts, which can lead to physical fatigue.
  • Uber’s pay structure is complex and often changes without notice or explanation.
  • The app does not provide any form of job security for drivers as their contracts are on a per-trip basis with no guarantee that they will get consistent work from the company.
  • There have been reports of unfair treatment by passengers towards drivers in some cases, such as verbal abuse or refusal to tip after receiving service.
  • Due to its popularity among riders, there has also been an increase in competition between different driver services resulting in lower fares overall for all involved parties.

FAQs Regarding Uber Driver for Android.

Uber Driver is a popular mobile application that allows drivers to easily connect with riders and manage their business. With Uber, drivers can quickly find customers in need of rides, track fares earned from each ride taken, access helpful resources like driver ratings and payment summaries for taxes, as well as receive support when needed.

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This FAQ will provide answers to some common questions about the Uber Driver app so you can make the most out of your experience while driving on-demand!

Q: What is the Uber Driver App?

A: The Uber driver app is a mobile application that enables drivers to accept and manage ride requests, track their earnings, view trip history, access helpful resources like support contact information and more. It allows you to stay connected with your passengers before pickup as well as during trips.

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Additionally, it helps make sure riders get picked up quickly by providing real-time navigation directions for both pick-ups and drop-offs. With this app, you can also easily switch between driving modes such as personal or business mode depending on what type of rides you are looking for at any given time!

Q: How do I sign up to become an Uber driver?

A: To begin using the Uber platform first create an account online via our website. From there fill out all required fields including uploading documents necessary such as valid IDs, proof of vehicle registration etc.

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Once approved simply download & install the “Uber Driver” app onto your compatible device from either Google Play Store (Android) or Apple’s App Store (iOS). After installation open the app and then follow the prompts provided in order to complete the activation process which includes entering payment details so payments may be received after each completed ride request/trip!


The Uber Driver app is a great tool for drivers to use when looking to make extra money. It provides an easy and convenient way for anyone with access to the internet, a smartphone or tablet device, and a valid driver’s license can become their own boss by driving people around town in exchange for payment.

All these factors combined make it easier than ever before for individuals who are interested in becoming part-time or full-time rideshare drivers – making this one of the most popular apps available today!

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