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My City Airport is a simulation game where you have to manage passengers in Airport.

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My City Airport

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December 8, 2022


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If you admire becoming a pilot or airport staff and want to play along simulating the gameplay based on the airport, then you have reached the accurate destination. My City Airport Apk is a simulation game where you can manage the airport, aeroplane and its staff. There are more than 20 characters available in this game whom you can move freely and do any task.

My City Airport Apk

You can roleplay as a caption, Airport security staff, Aeroplane control tower staff, Air hostess and much more. Create a story out of your imagination with all features unlocked. This game has eight locations where you can move and fly your plane. The graphics might be 2D but looks fantastic and lively, with attracts gamers. You can also find many mini-games and puzzles which you can solve to increase your points in the world leaderboard.

My City Airport Apk

In My City Airport Apk, you can help passengers move their bags and provide them with snacks and refreshments, which help you earn more points and pieces for your puzzle. You can customize everything in this game. Change the clothes, Aeroplane skin, vehicles, and more in this game. There are no ads in this game which make your gaming experience smooth without any interruption. 

Key Features of My City Airport Apk:

My City Airport App is a simulation game developed by My Town Games Ltd. Here you can play many different roles, such as Plane Captain, Air hostess, Security, receptionist, Airport Control Tower Expert and more. To know more about the features of My City Airport Apk, read below:

My City Airport Apk

  • Attend passengers: To get money and increase the points in the global leaderboard, you must attend to passengers and provide them with good service. You can help them with luggage, in the lounge, aeroplane and provide them with whatever they need. You can also hire staff to attend to passengers.
  • VIP Lounge: In the airport, all passengers will be found in the VIP lounge, where you can serve them food and gifts. It is like a restaurant where passenger stays before taking off. Besides food, there are various gifts, cosmetics and bags, like real shops in the airport.
  • Airport Control Tower: The control tower tracks the morning and outgoing aeroplanes and manages the traffic of all aeroplanes in the airport. If there is any problem regarding the aeroplane, you can contact the airport control tower.
  • Customize your Aeroplane: You can change the design and colour of the aeroplane as per your choice. You can also apply stickers available in this game to make the aeroplane look better. These stickers and colour customization can be bought from stores with the money your earn from airports and other jobs.
  • Create Stories: There is no aim or level in this game. Using characters, airports and aeroplanes, you can create your own stories and gameplay out of imagination and simulate their life virtually.
  • 20+ Characters: In this game, you can move more than 20 different characters. Each character has unique looks and appearances. You can also customize these characters by wearing different clothes to increase their charm.
  • Play Mini-games: There are various puzzle-based mini-games available solving them will increase your score. You can get puzzle pieces by making your Passengers happy by providing exceptional service.


My City Airport Apk is a simulation game for kids between 4 and 14. They can use their imagination and create their own story with the help of characters and locations. You will meet new people you can greet and help carry their bags at the airport. You can also treat passengers in aeroplanes. Download My City Airport Apk and simulate the tasks in the airport and manage passengers.

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