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Spotify is a music player apk with millions of songs and podcasts available for free.

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November 25, 2022


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Music is an essential part of our lives. Everyone listens to their favourite songs while travelling, cleaning, working or just for fun. There used to be a time when people had to struggle in order to listen to their favourite songs. We had to visit websites to download each song individually or listen to them on YouTube. And then came applications for streaming music online. This made listening to songs so much easier. Spotify Apk is one such online music streaming app. 

Spotify Apk

Spotify is an extremely popular and loved music streaming app. You can listen to songs by your favourite artists, discover new songs, create your own Playlists, follow others’ Playlists, follow your favourite artists, listen to podcasts, download music for offline listening and much more on one application. Spotify has the widest range of music from all over the world and a Playlist for every situation. All your favourite podcasters are here on Spotify. Not just that, Spotify also creates a custom playlist for you and enhances your playlist according to the songs you listen to. 

Features of Spotify apk:

Spotify App

  1. Wide range of music: all kinds of music are available on Spotify. Be it Hollywood songs, Bollywood songs, pop songs, rap, regional folk songs, instrumental music, Pomodoro, meditation music or anything else, almost every song is available on Spotify. There’s an endless range of podcasts too. 
  2. Discover music: You can discover new songs and songs similar to the ones you listen to already. Spotify creates custom Playlists full of songs as per the taste of users. 
  3. Make and share your own Playlists: you can create endless numbers of playlists and add endless numbers of songs to them. You can even share your playlists with your loved ones via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  4. Create a joint playlist: you can also create a playlist along with your loved ones where each member can add their favourite songs.
  5. Download for offline streaming: you can also download your favourite songs so you can listen to them even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  6. Choose preferred languages: you can choose the languages in which you would like to hear the songs. Be it Hindi, English, Spanish, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi or any other language, you will find songs in every language.
  7. A playlist for every mood: there are popular playlists for every mood, occasion, language, genre, movie and artist available on Spotify. Break up or the first date, Spotify has a Playlist for you.
  8. Compatibility with a wide range of devices: Spotify is supported on every mobile, tablet, computer, laptop and even smart TV.
  9. Spotify premium: Spotify premium offers ad-free and uninterrupted music streaming at reasonable charges. There are special offers and discounts too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use Spotify premium for free?


If you are a student, then you can avail free Spotify Premium for three months. There are many other cheap plans available according to your country.

How to cancel Spotify premium on an android device?

Go to settings and find the premium plan there. Click on the premium plan and deactivate it to cancel the Spotify Premium from your device.

Can I download songs from the Spotify apk?

Users cannot download songs from Spotify to their devices. But we came up with an amazing app which lets you download Spotify songs as well as whole playlists in one go. Install Spotiflyer Apk to download songs from Spotify to your device directly.


Spotify is a great app for streaming music and podcasts. Download Spotify now, and enjoy your favourite music and create your own super personalised playlists.

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