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Prepare yourself to fully engage in a magical realm! Embark on an exciting adventure with the Touch Himawari game, where you will interact with stunning ladies, engage in conversations, and experience enchanting dates that will captivate you.

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Name Touch Himawari
Package Name uchu.touchhimawari
Category Simulation  
MOD Features Fully Unlocked
Version 1.5
Size 115.8 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated July 31, 2023

The gaming community has evolved a lot over the years, mainly due to the sudden changes in smartphone hardware. Today users are able to play realistic graphics games in various genres like Action, Sports, Fighting, Role-playing, and Simulation directly on their smartphones.

But some out-of-the-box users have a strong interest in simulation games based on anime characters and the storylines depicted on them. If you are one of them, try the Touch Himawari Mod game without hesitation.

Touch Himawari Mod Apk

In this role-playing simulation game featuring a character named Himawari, inspired by the Japanese Anime character, you will have the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of seductive women during your various missions.

If you are able to control everyone using your decision-making ability and intelligent thinking, then you get a chance to marry everyone. So get ready for an adventure-filled journey where you have to face challenging problems and find solutions to fulfil your lustful desires and earn everyone’s trust.


About the Touch Himawari Game

Touch Himawari Mod is an adult simulation game developed by Cygames for Android smartphones. The concept of the game is very straightforward, the player has to go through the challenging path to help many attractive women inspired by anime characters in the game based on messages programs and to fulfill their wishes.

Touch Himawari Mod Apk

You’ll learn about the lives of these lovely anime beauties through regular encounters and dialogue as the game continues. You are given many options for dealing with each of the game’s myriad circumstances and events, with the appropriate choice advancing you to the next level.

You’re going to influence the direction of the entire tale with one wrong choice or move. In this sandbox-style contemporary video novel game, you must do whatever you can to tame the main protagonist Himawari, ultimately bringing you extreme pleasure.

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Let’s Explore the Features Present in the Touch Himawari Game

Realistic Simulation Gameplay: The characters in the Touch Himawari game and the various intimate scenes that take place during the missions are designed in such a way that the gameplay seems realistic and engaging.

Most of the game is based on communication in which you have to complete various tasks like talking to various beautiful girls, fulfilling their every wish and taking care of each of their likes and dislikes to persuade them to go on a date.

Touch Himawari Mod Apk

Unique Story Plot: The game’s plot is simple yet attractive, revolving around a girl character named Himawari, who becomes your romantic interest.

By solving a diverse range of puzzles in various missions, you have the opportunity to deepen the adult story between the two characters, making it more captivating. However, in order to become closer to Himawari, you must successfully complete all the levels, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the game.

Pixel Graphic Art: The developer of Touch Himawari Mod has elevated the game’s visuals to a higher level by employing a simple graphic technique known as Pixel Art. The nostalgic blend of hentai anime characters and pixel art enhances the gameplay, captivating the player and compelling them to keep playing without experiencing boredom.

Adult Simulation: The Touch Himawari game is designed for adults, featuring a combination of role-playing style and puzzle-based simulation gameplay. The game’s story is made interesting by the inclusion of sensual girls inspired by Manga and Anime, along with explicit scenes that occur during conversations with them. Despite the dialogue being in Japanese, you can still play the modified version with an English translation.

Touch Himawari

Mod Features of the Touch Himawari Game

  • Fully Unlocked
  • Unlock All Female Characters
  • Unlock All Powers
  • English Language Included
  • No Ads

Final Words

The Touch Himawari Mod is an adult simulation game that involves role-playing. In this game, you must solve various puzzles, engage in conversations, and assist beautiful anime characters in preparing for dating.

It is important to note that one incorrect decision could alter the entire storyline. Therefore, you must control the outcome of the game through your decision-making skills and intelligence skills.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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